Achieve your mission with special not-for-profit licensing, stakeholder management solutions, and valuable insights.

We’re all about making it easier to do good. Fusion5 and Microsoft are privileged and proud to work with some of Australia and New Zealand’s invaluable not-for-profit organisations. Our goal is to help you be even more effective in the work you do, through the work we do.  

Leverage not-for-profit Microsoft licensing

Not only do you get to use world-leading technology to power your mission, but you’ll enjoy greatly reduced OPEX.

Always meet compliance and reporting requirements

Never miss out on state funding due to failure to meet compliance requirements or poor reporting.

Reduce administrative cost and increase investment in your core mission

Manage relationships and service more effectively and efficiently with Microsoft tools always at hand.

Improve your donor and member management

Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 together with your website to leverage relationships and word of mouth to strengthen your donor community.

Improve your accountability and visibility

With reporting and insights generated by Microsoft Power BI you’ll not only target your activities more efficiently, but improve funder visibility of your achievements.

Bring all your relationship management data and processes together

We can help you get up and running using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365 to make your everyday tasks, relationships, and stakeholder management workload simpler and more efficient. This includes:

  • Unifying your stakeholders and relationship data in Dynamics 365
  • Linking your stakeholder data with your everyday interactions and documents in Office 365
  • Improving your team's ability to collaboratively serve your purpose using Microsoft Teams 

See and measure what's going on across the organisation

Our team can help you consolidate the data residing in separate systems across your organisation into cohesive operational, management and funding reporting to make your critical reporting tasks easier and less time-consuming.

Organisations we work with use Dynamics 365 and Power BI to:

  • Track services provided, for funding reporting
  • Understand donors and donations, churn, and trends
  • Measure the efficacy of the hard work the team puts in 

Keep donors engaged and attract more donors

We have experience working with organisations like yours in New Zealand and Australia. We understand donor and member management systems, to the extent that we've also created template functionality to help you get up and running on Dynamics 365 more quickly. We can help you:

  • Improve donation management using Dynamics 365 and your payment platform of choice
  • Connect your online donor website with Dynamics 365 to improve donor experience - and your data quality
  • Increase engagement with donors through digital communications (email, chat, SMS) 

Save time and money

Both are critical to non-profits and charities, and reducing your administrative cost is also important to credibility and reputation. Our team has successfully helped not-for-profit organisations use Microsoft technologies to turn cumbersome and costly paper processes into efficient online processes.

We've worked with organisations like yours to:

  • Turn disconnected and paper-based processes into efficient, measurable processes using Microsoft tools.
  • Use tools you may already have (e.g. Office 365) more effectively to enable your team across the country.

Go mobile

Microsoft's toolsets work on your laptop and your mobile device. We can also help you with specific mobile tools for your own processes, whether it's providing care in-home, recording social outcomes, or kiosks through which newcomers can submit their requests for your help.

We've helped enable mobile solutions for the likes of:

  • Providers of in-home and in-field medical care
  • Sports and membership-based non-profits to manage member needs while on the road
  • Plunket's nurses around New Zealand, to manage child health more easily

Support and improve your existing Microsoft tools

We can help you make the most of, improve, or declutter your existing Microsoft systems too.

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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