Invest in a foundation that continuously unlocks opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage.

Are you looking for more database storage, more powerful compute capability, or the freedom to develop new applications or initiatives at speed? And then scale them up or down as needed?

By embracing the power of AWS, your organisation can transfer time and resource away from IT infrastructure and maintenance. With a highly scalable and flexible cloud foundation, you can renew your focus on innovation and improvement, reducing costs, improving operational efficiency and performance.

Working the Fusion5 AWS Solution and Consultancy team, you can get expert assistance with:

  • Cloud strategy
  • Database workloads
  • Oracle workloads
  • Design and migration
  • Security
  • Analytics
  • Application development
  • Ongoing cost control and spend management

Our AWS validated qualifications

Fusion5 has worked with Oracle software and services for the last 20 years, putting us in a unique position to assist you migrate these workloads to AWS.


Whether it’s a nett new workload, database only or extending your AWS footprint, we can recommend the correct licence paradigm and also service to achieve your goals. In addition, we have access to unique funding models using this certification which can significantly reduce the cost of your Oracle migrations.

Our Advanced Tier Services accreditation is your assurance that we have certified professionals on our team that have demonstrated to AWS a history of successful project implementations. 

AWS products, services, and other offerings

The cornterstone of Fusion5’s AWS practice is helping you to harness the potential in your data. We enable you to unlock intelligence and insights that help you gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

Our suite of AWS Professional Services covers everything from data and integration platforms to advanced analytics and machine learning. Whether you're a small-medium business or an enterprise, our scalable and flexible solutions enable you to process, analyse, and derive actionable insights from your data.

Cloud spend optimisation

Would you like to reduce the sticker shock on your monthly cloud bill?  Our team can provide you with deep insights and actionable recommendations that will help you to better manage and allocate costs, optimise your cloud spend, and ultimately save money. Get assistance with tagging workloads to ensure accurate financial responsibility, as well as introducing intelligent measures to improve visibility, maintain compliance and security, and optimise resources in your single or multi-cloud environment. 

Cloud security

Unsure who is responsible for what?


Cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft, Google, and Oracle, are all responsible for delivering robust infrastructure, security, and networks for all their cloud services. As a customer, you’re responsible for ensuring the security of anything you entrust to your cloud provider.


To avoid the complexity and confusion of making sure your applications, workloads, and data are secure and accessible, Fusion5 will help you put in a place a right-sized security posture that’s manageable, cost-effective, and provides you with peace of mind - 24/7.


Talk to us about AWS GuardDuty, AWS inspector, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon Cloudwatch and all other security related AWS products.

Oracle workloads, specifically JDE

Do you use JD Edwards as your ERP application?


Fusion5 has a cloud-based deployment of JDE, configured to provide continuous availability, resilience in the face of disaster, and the ability to adapt to changing workload requirements.


Our POD servers expand based upon demand - and they contract when they’re not needed. We implement elasticity at the batch tier, enabling you to fire up the horsepower when you need it. We provide centralised logging and error handling using Amazon CloudWatch, so you can monitor and define self-healing when you need to. Our architects can also help you to right-size your environment and your licences for JD Edwards on AWS.


We’ve completed over 10 migrations of JDE to AWS and are ready to apply those learnings to your instance. We also have Oracle Workload Certification with AWS. This allows for special funding from AWS when dealing with Oracle application workloads, enabling you to save significant amounts of money during the entire migration progress.

Data-driven insights

Do more with your data.


With your data and workloads in AWS, Fusion5 can provide you with actionable insights that will enable you to proactively identify issues, recognise trends, and strategise for growth.


By drawing on a range of tools, methodologies, and technologies, including Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena and Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce), our team will help you extract the information you need, in the most efficient and meaningful way. The outcome? You can make better informed, data-driven decisions that benefit your business, your people, and your customers.

Application & workload scalability & flexibiity

Ready to scale seamlessly?


As the largest global hyperscaler AWS can handle any volume of data or workload, ensuring your infrastructure effortlessly scales alongside your business – all while being hosted in local AWS data centres. No need to procure more machines for load testing, generally your architecture will scale on demand and then contract when it’s not needed (and you don’t want to pay for it). This ensures your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is more agile and efficient, as access to hardware is no longer a barrier to innovation and progress.

Workload migrations

Ready to migrate your workloads?


Whether it’s a single application or your entire data centre, we’re here to assist you with the move. Our partnerships and specialisations allow us to tap into funding models from AWS that are not available directly. This can significantly reduce the costs of migration and your ongoing spend.


Read more about our "Assess, Mobilise, Migrate & Modernise" methodology.

Advanced analytics

Get even smarter with advanced analytics.


Find out how to leverage the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to unlock hidden patterns, make accurate predictions, and drive innovation specifically tailored to the needs of the markets you operate in.


Integration is central to your ability to be agile.


To get the most out of your AWS investment, Fusion5 can build and maintain integrations that enhance the value of your legacy platforms and applications, potentially extending the longevity of their useful life.


In addition to our integration services and consultancy, we also offer Campfire, an integration platform developed on AWS. For questions about cost metrics, service choices, security, deployment, or anything else relating to cloud native integration or alternative integration platforms, our experienced team can help.

DevOps/Custom development

Speed and ease matter. With AWS services, you can set up all your source control and pipelines to trigger deployments to your end users in seconds and minutes.  


AWS’s flexible services are designed to enable you to build and deliver products more rapidly and reliably using AWS and DevOps practices. Provisioning is simplified. As is managing your infrastructure, deploying application code, automating software release processes, and monitoring your application and infrastructure performance.


So, if you’re considering a portal, a mobile application, or an API to help you grow, we can help you to implement a secure and cost-effective solution.

SysOps, monitoring, patching, & self-healing

Do more with baked in AWS services.  


Our AWS SysOps certification means we have the technical expertise and experience to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot AWS environments, as well as ensure the reliability and performance of a range of AWS services.


Our focus on support and appreciation of the entire software lifecycle means that monitoring, patching, and backing up (which are all native services in AWS) results in a virtually self-healing environment. If something does go wrong, instant notifications of issues and resolutions let your team rest easy with the knowledge that everything is under control.

Workload migration isn't always linear

Discover the robust methodology that will safeguard your AWS migration project, no matter whether it's a minor workload or an entire data centre.

Moving a workload with AWS

What do our customers say?

Improved performance and reliability for Treasury Wine Estates

“Fusion5 was crucial in migrating our JD Edwards workload from aging, on-premise hardware to the cloud. Fusion5 created a highly-available and elastic architecture in the cloud that could scale and adapt to our changing business.

The project improved performance and reliability, and has enabled our business to be more agile in how we use our JD Edwards ERP. Fusion5 provided us with unique metrics which showed how JDE was utilised, and how we could improve and measure the user engagement and performance.”

Con Mandalios
Global IT Director
Treasury Wine Estates

Agile, secure, cloud-based portals for Lewers

Lewers Research had a problem. A large Australian telco needed structure in measuring the effectiveness of their multimillion-dollar marketing spend.  Lewers turned to Fusion5, a trusted partner, to implement the end to end solution using the AWS stack.

Fusion5 was able to quickly stand up a secure portal using AWS services which conformed to the important data sovereignty and security requirements mandated by the customer.  The solution provided a very cost-effective way of hosting and maintaining their critical data.  

There were no large “capital” costs and no surprises with product licensing.  It was quick to stand up – quick to change.  Using highly available cloud services allow you to forget about the complications of traditional architectures – you no longer worry about High Availability, Disaster Recovery or internet connections – choosing AWS means the portal is up all of the time.  

Fusion5 has two happy customers at the end of the day – an unnamed telco and Lewers.

Why partner with Fusion5?

Local expertise: Our team of AWS experts understands the unique needs of businesses in Australia and New Zealand, ensuring tailored solutions that align with your requirements.

AWS partnership: As an AWS Partner, we have a deep understanding of the AWS ecosystem and access to the latest tools and resources, all while being well-versed in the local business landscape.

Industry experience: With a track record of successful projects across diverse industries in Australia and New Zealand, we bring industry-specific insights and best practices to our partnership.

Ready to unlock the power of your data with AWS Data and Analytics services? Request a consultation today and let our local experts guide you towards data-driven success.

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

Interested in finding out how we could help your business achieve its potential?

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