Reasons why you need to talk to Fusion5 about your Microsoft licensing

Our approach can significantly reduce your costs, and improve the overall effectiveness, security, and value you can extract from your Microsoft Licensing configuration.

We can save you money (and grief)

We take a strategic approach to the how, what, and why of licensing

We can make sure you buy the right licenses, and only pay for what you use

We can provide you with 100% license control and insights with our easy-to-use Fusion5 Marketplace

Discover what you have, what you need, and what you can stop paying for with our Health Checks

We know what we're doing

We can save you money (and grief)

"Fusion5 has done a great job of moving us to the Azure platform. Everyone we deal with is always quick to reply to any requests we make. They have also managed to reduce our monthly Azure costs significantly. Thanks to Fusion5 we have confidence in our IT systems, and know they are there to support us."


It's no secret that Microsoft Licensing is ‘difficult’ to navigate. It’s no longer a DIY project!

Without the advantage of day-in, day-out licensing expertise and knowledge, it’s easy to overspend, underestimate, and to miss out on the potential bundle savings or discounts you get when working with a strategic licensed partner. Or simply get it wrong.

It’s one thing to get the ‘best’ price for a license, but if it's the wrong license, it’s never going to be a bargain. It’s more important to accurately match your needs to the available licenses and invest wisely.

Fusion5 is a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider across Australia and New Zealand. We offer strategic advice and buy licenses for our customers for Microsoft products including Office / Microsoft 365, Azure, and the full range of Business Applications. And we can do it for you.

By coupling our consultancy expertise with that of our license specialists, we make sure you buy the right type of licensing for your business and only pay for what you need. And if there’s a smarter and less expensive way to do things – we’ll find it for you.

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We take a strategic approach to the how, what, and why of licensing

As well as being a Microsoft license provider, we are a Microsoft implementation partner for Azure, Dynamics 365, Modern Workplace, Power BI and more.

Our dedicated Microsoft consultants and architects have first-hand knowledge of what applications our customers need and use, and why. This enables us to take a more informed and strategic view of your licensing as we’re not working at arm’s length from your technology environment.

As we know exactly what solutions you need to support your organisation, we ensure that you’re not paying for expensive but unused applications.

We’re also able to provide advice on where you can optimise your licensing by altering architecture or businesses processes to make a material impact on your annual costs. As you push more of your architecture to the cloud, using the right cloud constructs can make a significant difference to your annual spend and the performance of your applications.

We can make sure you buy the right licenses, and only pay for what you use

Optimised licensing can potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars a year.

We offer strategic advice on how best to leverage the Microsoft solutions, and provide detailed analysis and reporting to uncover exactly what you currently consume. We ensure your licensing is relevant to the different parts of your business and matches your needs. And we check that you’re covered for any licenses you were unaware that you needed. Our thorough and knowledgeable approach ensures you only pay for what you need - nothing more.

Did you know that that you can change the number of licenses you use and pay for on a daily basis to reflect your at-the-time user numbers or needs? And you can transition your Enterprise Agreement licenses from a limited pool of providers who don’t know your business, or necessarily take the time to understand what you need or can afford – to a partner like Fusion5? We can offer great advice on what licensing to use, offer competitive pricing and the ability to quickly flex your license requirements.

So, you get flexibility and certainty while saving money.

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We can provide you with 100% license control and insights with our easy-to-use Fusion5 Marketplace

Fusion5’s Marketplace is a self-service portal designed to give you control, transparency, independence and insights!

Control: Take control of your ability to acquire, remove, or change the configuration of your licenses. With Marketplace there’s no need to rely on your license provider to get things done. Make licensing changes on-the-spot, in real-time and with immediate effect.

Transparency: Are you struggling to understand exactly what your licensing and Azure consumption costs are? Running into budget blowouts, and nasty month-end billing surprises? Fusion5 Marketplace shows you exactly what your usage metrics are, and the associated costs. If your consumption seems out of kilter, or you've got more licenses than you're actually using, you have the power to make changes so your budget and actuals are better aligned.

Independence: Fusion5 Marketplace puts the power back in your hands. You can research alternative licensing configurations, increase, or decrease the number of licenses you have, or access an up-to-the-minute snapshot of your costs, without having to ask your service provider to act on your behalf. With the data you need in your hands, you can make commercially savvy decisions that empower your business.

Insights: Fusion5 Marketplace dashboards provide at-a-glance insights on consumption, license numbers and billing. So, you can better understand your business' cost profile, and make cost-effective and efficiency-enhancing decisions quickly and more easily.

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Discover what you have, what you need, and what you can stop paying for with our health checks

As Fusion5 has extensive experience working with a range of organisations to implement, support, and continuously improve their utilisation of the full Microsoft stack, we have developed a comprehensive view of ‘best practice’. To help organisations optimise their technology investments, we’ve developed a range of Health Checks which can quickly identify your most pressing areas of risk, and your ‘quickest wins’.

These Health Checks vary in investment, from a small, one-off consultancy fee, to complimentary or Microsoft funded or subsidised, depending on your agreement with Fusion5.

Our experienced team help you extract the greatest possible value from your Microsoft licensing, and technology investments. For example, many businesses are using Microsoft Azure, and may not know if they’re using the correct Azure components for their needs, and hence may be overpaying.

Or, your business may be paying for licenses for Teams or SharePoint as part of Office/Microsoft 365, but are not using them properly, if at all. This is a wasted opportunity to advance and optimise your company collaboration, it allows for potential security breaches, and could be causing inflated charges for storage due to poor document management.

Fusion5 can help you ensure you have the right number and types of licenses, we can also support you into using those licenses to their fullest potential. #makingpotentialreality isn’t our hashtag for nothing!

We know what we're doing

Fusion5 has been recognised by Microsoft, both within ANZ, and globally, as an innovative, customer-success-focused partner of choice. We are a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner for all the Microsoft applications we know Australian and New Zealand businesses prioritise.

As a member of the prestigious Microsoft Inner Circle (for the 7th year running), we are privy to information, updates, and advancements before other partners. This helps us plan and respond to these changes and provide our customers with a competitive edge.

2017, 2018, 2019, 2020/2021 Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications

Fusion5 has made the significant investment to become a Microsoft Premier Support partner. This means our customers get prioritised issue resolution services, account management, and proactive workshopping services to access enhanced solutions — backed and empowered by a dedicated expert team within Microsoft.

For mature businesses looking to maximise the value of their investment and ensure a clear and achievable roadmap for their evolving digital journal, leveraging our Microsoft Premier Support is invaluable.

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You're in safe hands when you choose to partner with us.

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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