AI-infused planning & analytics for better decision making

If we’ve learnt anything recently, it’s that your business needs to plan for the unexpected to allow you to be agile at every step. Both planning and analytics are woven throughout your business and are the backbone of every department — we’re talking sales, forecasting, supply chain and even people management. Traditional methods of planning just aren’t robust enough and often restrain you to a single spreadsheet. It’s time to rethink your planning models, make the most of your data and be agile when you need it most.

What if we told you Fusion5 could pair you up with your own data scientist to help you save time, mine your powerful data and use it to make those all-important decisions with ease? It’s time you met IBM’s Planning Analytics with Watson.

Whether you need real-time data at your fingertips, want to make the most of an accurate forecast or need to harness the power of predictive modelling to identify new opportunities for your business, Fusion5 and IBM are ready to power up your financial and operational expertise for you! 

Move away from workplace data silos

Automate complex modelling and 'what if' scenarios

Identify operational problems before they happen

Stay ahead of the game with Watson in your corner

Nail those forecasts with AI-enhanced software

Be ready to scale, pivot and future-proof your business

Plan for anything. Be ready for everything.

You face challenges in your business every day — whether that be collaborating on an accurate forecast, nailing your budget, building confidence in your internal processes or even workshopping 'what if' scenarios and predictive modelling to uncover new opportunities. Data and reporting shouldn’t just happen after the fact. In fact, using data as a utility right from the beginning of your planning stages can help you uncover new insights, back up your gut feeling with hard facts and empower you to drive better decision making in both your financial and operational strategies.

Planning Analytics with Watson specialises in complex modelling and combines the power of an integrated and automated planning and analytics solution with mature AI so you can start working smarter, not harder, to future-proof your business and grasp that next opportunity. 

Ever wished you could look into your crystal ball and see what the future of your business had in store? Well, Watson's AI is the next best thing! 

Watson is one of the world's most mature AI systems and with the click of a button you'll be able to ditch that crystal ball for more robust and data-driven insights than ever before. By integrating real-time data mining with automated probability equations and AI, you'll be blown away by how easy and accurate your predictive modelling and forecasts can be. Pair this with automation and advanced data visualisation tools and you'll be able to pinpoint cost savers & operational problems before they happen! 

What is integrated planning?

It's the key to agile performance management.

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Why choose Fusion5 for IBM Planning Analytics?

When it comes to IBM, it's fair to say we know a thing or two! After implementing transformational solutions for over 25 years to clients in all industries including the NZX, we've seen it all. We know what questions to ask early to get the most from your team and how to help you redefine your business. 

IBM Planning Analytics isn’t just about replacing legacy software. It’s all about working with our experts to reimagine your business processes so you constantly have the data you need on hand ready to make informed decisions.

By analysing your current systems and processes, we can help you pinpoint what success looks like and develop company-wide rules & logic you’ll come to live by. This looks different for every business, so we’ll work with you to tailor a solution that suits your vision. Plus, with both cloud-based or on-premise deployment options that are scalable, there really is a Planning & Analytics solution to suit every business. 

Great outcomes start with great conversations

Great outcomes start with great conversations

Ready to say YES to profitability, happy employees, and great customer experience?

Request a consultation today and let our local experts help you to digitise, optimise and automate your way to success.

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