Gain efficiencies, improve quality and boost profitability, all with ERP built for manufacturing

Free up your time from being hands-on with core operations and get back to spending time making those important business decisions. With one streamlined ERP system, you can do it all! Everything from controlling your order management, tracking stock utilisation and gaining insights from your — you’ll be well equipped to level up and achieve operational excellence.

Take control of your processes

You can’t improve something you can’t see! With a streamlined manufacturing ERP system, you gain visibility of all your processes from order through to shipping, and can easily identify opportunities to boost efficiencies and reduce cost.

Reduce customer backorders with ease

No one likes to wait! Work smarter, not harder with improved production efficiencies and visibility at every stage of the manufacturing journey. You’ll easily reduce customer backorders as well as boost product quality all with the help of integrated manufacturing ERP software.

Streamline your processes & scheduling

Free up your time and let your ERP system take care of everything from automated ordering, staff rostering and even managing supplies. You’ll be able to stop focusing on the doing, and spend your time making those important business decisions.

Bring down those inventory costs

With full visibility of all your assets and stock levels, you’ll easily be able to pinpoint where you may be wasting money and even fast track the big money savers. Your back pocket will thank you!

Boost staff utilisation with the help of automation

With your manufacturing ERP solution doing all the heavy lifting and able to automate fiddly processes, your staff will be more productive than ever. Without slogging away on manual tasks, you'll boost staff satisfaction too!

Leave the reports to the (ERP) experts

Take the pain out of reporting and make the most of built-in analytics. Everything you could think of from stock management to demand forecasting is taken care of. The result? Instant reports at your fingertips so you can make those important business decisions at a glance.

Image of pipes and gauges. A manufacturing plant using a specialised manufacturing ERP system.
Manufacturing excellence

Success stories from the Manufacturing industry

Wondering how a Manufacturing specific solution could turn your potential into reality? Please explore the range of case studies and success stories from businesses like yours, demonstrating how they've taken a leap forward with Fusion5 and the right technology solutions for their Manufacturing organisation.

Case Studies

How can we help you specifically?

Our years of experience in the manufacturing industry has taught us that everyone in an organisation has their own unique concerns or issues they want to address. So, how can we help you in particular?

Exec leaders and business owners

Make better and faster business decisions to help your manufacturing business survive, thrive, and prosper!

Every decision you make (financial and otherwise) is backed by data. So, that means you and your team need timely and accurate reporting to improve operations, boost your bottom line, and optimise your supply chain with confidence. Now, not days or weeks later.

Rapid, real-time reporting – on-demand, not on a waiting list

Tired of extracting data from disparate, unintegrated legacy applications to produce decision-making reports? With a modern manufacturing ERP with built-in analytics, accurate data, and real-time dashboards, you can transform painful reporting routines into instant insights you can bet your bottom dollar on.

Go on, be defensive!

Technology breaches and cyber-attacks (think ransomware demands) can cripple your business. And few enterprises are exempt. A move to a cloud-based manufacturing ERP goes a long way to a safer, more secure future for you, your supply chain, and your customers.

Just do better business

Like to streamline your operations? Or take the complexity out of day-to-day business? And how about reducing costs while improving efficiency, productivity, and operational excellence? With a modern, cloud-based manufacturing ERP system, you can do more – more easily, and usually for less.

Maximise the value of your technology stack

When your technology won't talk or share data, it doesn't put your business in a happy place. With an ERP solution that supports end-to-end manufacturing processes, you can say goodbye to those legacy solutions that offer more risk than return!

Department and Functional Area Leaders

Give your team and direct reports the power to improve their areas of operation and expertise, and support business success.

The buck may not entirely stop with you, but it's you and your team who need to be equipped to drive performance and streamlined efficiency throughout the entire business. To do this, you need transparency, accountability, automation, and impressive reporting.

Know what's going on in every corner of the business

Left hand, meet right hand! With a manufacturing ERP solution that supports your manufacturing business, every process is visible. From orders to sales to inventory, stock levels, backorders, shipping and more. You can see where there's room for both improvement and savings.

Automate and accelerate everyday processes

Refocus on where you can make a difference in the business! Instead of being tied up with repetitive manual tasks, utilise automated processes and workflows for ordering, rostering staff, and even managing company supplies.

Go for gold with operational excellence, not office overload

Reclaim managerial status and go hands-off with core operations. With an ERP for manufacturing, you can concentrate on your go-to goals of efficiency and quality gains, boosting profitability, improving order management, tracking stock utilisation, and just making better everyday decisions.

Get the reporting you need when you need it

You don't have time to muck around gathering and downloading data from multiple systems, then trying to massage it into shape. But if you have disparate, legacy applications, that's probably exactly what you have to do. With a streamlined manufacturing ERP, a huge range of one-touch reporting comes as standard. Nice.

Technical managers and users

Do more with your technology without adding more resources or complexity.

With a cloud-based ERP, you're saying goodbye to myriad security issues, ongoing user support and training, data that's spread wide and far (even on spreadsheets), and the need for specialist expertise to maintain ageing and high risk customised line-of-business applications. You're welcome.

Go cloud (you know you want to!)

With an ERP for manufacturing, your users only need to learn how to use one seamless, fully integrated solution. Everything looks and feels the same, reducing user resistance and speeding up adoption. And if people need to work from home or while travelling, it's not a problem.

Do more, for less

Not only will one of our ERP for manufacturing solutions streamline your processes, but enable you to take a more hands-off approach. Spend your time and budget on improving the business's overall technology environment and developing transformative strategies.

Make your finance department and CFO happy

Share the love (and cost savings). A cloud-based manufacturing ERP solution will add value to the business, and free up budget so you can attack your technology wish list. Move from a finance department pleasing Capex model to an Opex model, knowing that you can scale at will.

Ready to change the game of manufacturing?

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Great outcomes start with great conversations

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