Gain more insights, build a bigger competitive edge, and do the stuff that matters more efficiently with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction

With increased competition and tough market conditions, construction companies in particular are feeling the pinch and finding it harder to win projects and stand out from the crowd. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you do so. 

From Finance and Operations, Project Management, Resource Allocation, and alerts on your follow-ups and deliverables – Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction gives your team accessible, fully integrated and real-time information on your customers, accounts and prospects with the touch of a button.  

Allowing your team to effectively manage your finances, client and supplier relationships, stay on top of projects, overcome operational hurdles, analyse sales patters, exceed revenue targets, improve communications and spend less time spent on manual data entry and more time to focus on how you can make that data work for your business.

Manage your resources and scheduling in real time

Send the right person for the job to the right place, at the right time, and with the right materials using real-time resource scheduling. Customise based on availability, as well as their ability to complete the job

Predictive analytics

Predict and verify the precise amount of equipment, people and other resources available for each project before it begins

Adapt to change

See and predict possible delays and project changes before they happen and adjust without disruption to your project

Track your inventory

Don’t rely on your memory! Stay on top of your materials, tools and parts on site and in your warehouse with a system that can automatically replenish your stock

End-to-end integration

Whether it’s on-site, off-site, HR, Finance, Senior managers or everyone in between, you can empower your staff to share and collaborate with Dynamics 365

Increase your sales and win more projects

Track all important bidding information such as dates, value, type of construction, segmentation, sales stage, tasks and stakeholder communications

How can we help you specifically?

Executive leaders & Business owners

Business owners and leaders of Construction organisations have a heavy burden to carry. With a push to  rise above industry disruption and increase competition senior leaders within the construction space are rapidly being pushed to increase revenue, become more data driven, minimise cyber security risk and to digitise the business as a top priority. Having worked closely to implement Dynamics 365 within the Construction industry, we’ve helped business leaders like you

Gain a competitive advantage

Stay ahead of the curve and position yourself as a modern and innovative home builder. With Power BI, Predictive Analytics and Dashboards you can easily measure how efficient any project, or your entire operation is with a simple, 360-degree view of your business - giving you the ability to put your organisation’s energy, and focus, into what really matters

Improve the customer experience

Every step of the customer journey is important, from the first touch point to the last. You want your customers to view your organisation as not only capable builders, but as the clear choice for making the home build process easy and manageable. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you have one system that can help you better understand what customers want, create communications and show room experiences that leave a lasting impression, and build a package to put them in their dream home.

Department & Functional Area Leaders

In our experience, Project and Operations Managers, Site Managers, and functional area managers such as Sales, Marketing, HR, and Procurement, have requirements that closely align to productivity, cost reduction, and the meeting of deadlines within the construction space. Dynamics 365 strongly supports you in meeting those requirements by

Providing a bird’s eye view of your operations

From delays in stock, efficiency issues, or management of tools and machinery, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction can help you monitor each project and find areas of the process you can improve. Using advanced AI, your forecasting can predict show room turnouts based on billboard advertising campaigns, and new land release advertisements, and proactively manage any opportunities that come out of them.

Optimising your operations and keep your people happy

Okay, the contracts are signed – what now?! You now need to think of time capture, general staff management, placing orders and dealing with quotes (to name just a few). Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a user-friendly environment that your team will quickly get to grips with - and make them wonder how they lived without! Missing parts can be catalogued and ordered while on-site, project managers doing warranty checks can post pictures of defects, and with a simple HR process, you can streamline the most common staffing tasks.

Tradies building with CARTERS supplies

A winning solution, a strong partnership

CARTERS went to market in 2017 and chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the backbone of the new solution knowing that it would allow them to create and deploy solutions to the business in rapid iterations.

Fusion5 were engaged to deliver the Dynamics 365 and Resco mobile work components. Iles had worked with Fusion5 before, so knew they were genuinely invested in the success of CARTERS’ digital transformation.

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Technical Managers & Users

The role of the CIO, IT Manager, or technology leader in construction organisations is often heavily focussed on keeping BAU systems and hardware working, while balancing new projects and initiatives such as rolling out new ERPs or security upgrades.

Additional Security in an agile environment

If you don’t have a system in place that is flexible and can adapt to change in the construction industry you can either fall behind the competition or be penalised for not adhering to strict regulations. The information you store in your systems is often commercially sensitive (pricing, margins, key suppliers) so it is vital that any information you share is controlled - Controlling who has access to what across multiple devices, procedures in place for when staff move on and real-time control over your Microsoft licensing when you need to ramp up in a hurry or scale back during off-peak times.

Data on the go

Dynamics 365 allows you to set up real-time monitoring and predictive analytics that help the business manage quality, quantity and supplies from the office or on-site. Empower key staff to know when they’re going to run out of essential supplies in advance, and create role-specific dashboards, alerts, task lists and reports for improved productivity and decision making. This includes both offline and online elements for when internet is out of reach on-site so your staff can still get the job done. With regular updates to Dynamics 365 via the cloud and Microsoft Azure Backup Security, you can be relieved of the headache of storing data and ensuring high-end protection as well as remaining compliant to ongoing industry changes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications for Construction

Why partner with Fusion5 for your Microsoft project?

Fusion5 has a proven track record of delivering Microsoft Dynamics solutions that offer the ability to personalise your approach to enterprise resource planning with business apps that are built on Azure and tightly integrated with Office 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform.

As a member of the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle, and a Microsoft partner, Fusion5 are recognised as being an expert and trusted pair of hands for your implementation. In addition, Fusion5 offers advance access to product updates, licensing changes, and the ability to take our customers’ feedback to the source of Microsoft innovation, to help bring solutions that really make a difference to our clients.

With the wide range of Microsoft Awards Fusion5 holds recognising our unrelenting commitment to delivering great outcomes for our customers, you can feel confident that your business' Microsoft project is in safe hands.

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