Why it pays to take a strategic approach to managing multiple projects

If you haven’t come across programme management before, it’s easy to confuse it with project management. So, let’s clarify the difference.

Project management uses tools, processes, knowledge, and competencies that, together, ensure your (single) project’s successful completion within a set timeframe. Whereas programme management focuses on the challenge of controlling groups of related projects, with multiple project managers, which are designed to achieve a single long-term goal, objective, or benefit for your organisation.

As you can imagine, it takes effort and discipline to manage multiple projects which are often in different locations, and have conflicting priorities and schedules.

With programme management in place, you have high-level control of all the moving parts. Unless you have a trained internal resource, this degree of coordination and overview usually requires a partner with experience in programme management.

Like us.

Why partner with Fusion5?

We understand risk. And more importantly, our Programme Management service can help minimise it at every turn.

As a technology partner, we are highly experienced at managing myriad customer projects at any one time. (After all, that’s what we do). All at different sites, using a wide range of technologies, and often with shared resources. So, we’re experienced in applying the layers of governance needed to make sure that simultaneous initiatives are run effectively and collaboratively and deliver the expected outcomes.

What does this mean for you?

It means you can relax. We’ve got this.

No matter how many concurrent projects you’re running, our programme managers will ensure that all project teams and project managers (internal and external) are kept on track. And they’ll maintain accountability for the success of their respective projects.

You can feel confident that all projects that fall under the control of our Programme Management team will realise the benefits articulated and agreed upon at the beginning and meet your business goals.

  • End-to-end programme management service
  • Remove the stress from managing simultaneous projects
  • Improve outcomes and benefits, from every project
  • Meet business goals, deadlines, and budgets
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Like to know more about how programme management can reduce the risk that comes with running multiple projects?

Download your Practical Guide to programme management here.

Practical Guide to Programme Management
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