Fusion5 Managed SD-WAN Service is the key to secure connectivity

When you choose our Managed SD-WAN, we maintain complete control over your data and applications traffic with the peace of mind knowing that your security protocols are rigidly applied organisation-wide. Our approach to SD-WAN deployment is to work closely with management and the in-house IT team to develop an implementation plan to meet your needs – now and into the future.

We’ll do this by evaluating your current set-up and work with you to establish your network requirements, assessing latency and QoS to establish performance benchmarks, establishing security requirements at branch level, determining primary and secondary traffic flows for your application mix with each branch, preparing a roll-out plan designed around minimal disruption to business operation and mission critical functionality.

You gain:

  • Optimal traffic shaping and connectivity
  • Active security threat management
  • Improved application performance
  • Reduced costs
  • Management of underlying network connectivity
  • Network flexibility and agility


With Fusion5 SD-WAN you gain in every way

  • Centralised management and monitoring
  • Helpdesk for troubleshooting reducing on-site service calls
  • 24/7 support
  • Enterprise-wide security and access control
  • All apps and systems up-to-date
  • No set fees – scale up or down easily and pay only for what you need

Take advantage of the opportunity to simplify the complexity of SD-WAN

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