Put your citizens at the heart of your council

Are your systems hindering you instead of helping deliver on your promise of exceptional customer-centric service?

At every level of government, there is a growing pressure to find smarter, more efficient, and more cost-effective ways to work. To serve more citizens with less and do it faster than ever.

But the reality is that if you can’t track your customer experience, you can’t improve it. If your data is held in multiple legacy systems, making it hard to locate and use, or if you rely on spreadsheets that limit your visibility into customer interactions, or your services are disconnected from one another, you’re likely struggling to live up to your good intentions. And as for your ability to make fast and informed decisions with only half the information in front of you? Well, enough said.

With a fully integrated cloud-based CRM like Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (Customer Engagement), you can do more – with less.

Gain a 360° view of our customers

With a fully integrated CRM solution, no matter who at the council is in contact with a customer, you'll be able to see a full picture of past citizen interactions with any department - and view any unresolved issues – on screen and in an instant.

Let citizens talk to you in their way

Enable multi-channel communications so your citizens can contact you about their concerns in the way that best suits them - via email, your contact centre, mobile apps, online forms, live chat on your website or social media platform, or even SMS.

Make every contact experience repeatable

Enjoy the confidence that all customer engagements are handled and resolved the same way with automated processes - so the customer experience is always excellent and consistent, and your employees are more productive and efficient.

Scale and expand on demand

With Microsoft CE at the centre of your customer experience, you can integrate, automate, and streamline your service offerings, power up your digital contact centre performance, add self-service portals, and more.

Keep your finger on the public pulse!

Provide your stakeholders with on-demand access to near real-time, granular reporting on council responses to customer queries across every channel – and are better equipped to make responsive, well-informed decisions.

Make data your friend and helpmate

Say goodbye to legacy systems with multiple duplicate records for the same citizen or address and start again with one source of clean, consolidated, and relevant data that you can view from a range of perspectives - customer, location, or service-oriented.

Find out how Manningham City Council delivered an exceptional customer service with Fusion5 and Microsoft

Manningham Council in northeast Melbourne, Australia, serves a diverse community of around 130,000 residents and ratepayers.

As part of a cloud-based digital modernisation program, the Council deployed Dynamics 365 to serve as both a lens, delivering clarity about the community's needs, and a catalyst for enhanced employee and community experiences through ongoing innovation.

Manningham City Council journey with D365 journey

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and Fusion5 for your council?

It grows with you. Like all Microsoft applications, Microsoft 365 CE will scale seamlessly alongside your council. You can add new services as they become available or introduce new features and functions as you and your community grow or change.

Leverage your ecosystem. Already using Microsoft 365 applications and productivity tools? Drive more value and reduce the user learning and acceptance curve by embracing the familiar feel of Microsoft solutions.

Stay in control. Given that the public sector is a primary target for cybercriminals, governance, privacy, and security are huge concerns for all organisations that collect and retain personal user information. All Microsoft solutions are designed and can be configured to ensure that safety and compliance are a system priority.

Change doesn’t need to be scary. With Fusion5 services like organisational change management (OCM), data migration, and an ISO-qualified project management office (PMO), you are in good hands. Not only will we deliver a project that will transform your organisation for the better, but we can also ensure that your users embrace the benefits.

A shared vision. With Fusion5 working alongside you as a trusted and experienced partner, you know that neither your council nor citizens will be disappointed. We’re a multi-award-winning Microsoft partner with a deep understanding of the public sector. We take pride in delivering innovative local government software solutions that work harder and smarter for you, and we support you afterwards to help drive more value over time.

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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