Gain more insights, build a bigger competitive edge, and do the stuff that matters more efficiently with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

In these days of a pandemic-compromised supply chain, there’s more pressure on local manufacturers to step up to fill the breach, compete, and demonstrate resilience and the ability to scale. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturers is designed to help you build an innovative, high-value businesses by shoring up vulnerabilities in your supply chains, improving planning, warehousing, pricing, and processes. So, you get to embrace reduced waste, more efficient workflows, 360º transparency, and a measurable improvement in margins. 

And with Fusion5 as your partner, you’re already on the road to success. Our depth of experience in the manufacturing industry has helped customers stuck in an application time-warp to transform their futures with modern-day financials and CRM, artificial intelligence, and streamlined fully integrated production, commerce, marketing, supply chain and procurement functionality.

Say goodbye to the limitations of disparate, legacy systems and dispersed data

Bye-bye data siloes and spreadsheets, and hello centralised, real-time data and insightful reporting across your entire business

Make smarter and faster decisions

With world-class financial capabilities and built-in predictive analytics and intelligence at your fingertips, great decision-making is a natural outcome, not a challenge

Connect everything in your supply chain

Gain full visibility and control of your global (and local) supply chain with connected sales and purchasing processes, logistics, production, and warehouse management

Get a head start on problems

Spot potential issues in advance with forecast netting, planning and allocation tools designed to alert you to inventory shortages and overages

Work smarter with Business Intelligence

Maximise revenue potential by uncovering industry trends, access intelligence and business systems on the go, and fall in love with the rich visual insights into planning, product lifecycles and more

Simplify and unify commerce!

Streamline commerce channels, centralise customer information, report on and track financial performance, and provide real-time estimates and quotes

Keep track of everything you produce

Monitor materials and consumption as you go, track orders throughout the production process with detailed shop floor routes, and effortlessly manage demand and inventory


How can we help you specifically?

Executive leaders and business owners

We understand that business owners and leaders of manufacturing organisations need to rise above industry disruption and focus on the long-term, big-picture success of their company. Senior leaders within the manufacturing space are rapidly being pushed to increase revenue and minimise wastage, become more data driven, minimise cyber security risk and to digitise the business as a top priority. We have helped leaders like you:

Increase sales revenue and manage operational costs

Manufacturing is a margins business; you need to know how profitable each project will be or how much your ongoing operational costs are and how you can optimise production costs to ensure you remain profitable. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can easily measure how efficient any one project, or the entire operation is with a simple, 360- degree view of your business – and ensure you keep operational costs in tow.

Streamline your finances and financial reporting

Move away from disparate systems and streamline your financial reporting to quickly generate detailed insights into the profitability of you manufacturing operation, its products and customers. With predictive analytics and customisable dashboards, you can create a bird’s eye view of your business finances in order to better predict the success and profitability of a project, or see ways to improve your profit margins before production starts.

Department and functional area leaders

Operations Managers, Department Heads, and Functional Area Managers such as Sales, Marketing, HR, and Procurement have needs that closely align to productivity, cost reduction, and the meeting of deadlines within the Manufacturing space. Our experience working with manufacturing businesses can help you:

View your operations on the ground

From bottle necks in production, efficiency issues, machinery issues. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing can help you find process areas to improve both in advance and in real-time on any device. So your staff and machinery can give their all – at all times - during production runs.

Optimise your operations

Forecast based on your orders, upcoming work or seasonality and create trade promotions specific to each product. View what’s affecting costs and how you can improve them, create cleaning matrixes, reduce spillage and optimise your production runs.

Technical managers and users

The role of the CIO, IT manager, or technology leader in manufacturing organisations is often heavily focused on keeping BAU systems and hardware working, while balancing new projects and initiatives such as rolling out new ERPs, warehousing solutions, or security upgrades. By supporting the IT Department, we can help you:

Make data driven decisions

Real-time monitoring and predictive analytics that help manage quality and quantity from any device at any time. View system failures, monitor operation equipment inefficiencies and ensure you are meeting, or exceeding, pre-existing SLA’s with your customers. There are role specific dashboards, alerts, task list and reports improved for productivity and decision making, ensuring your team never miss a production run and optimise any downtime that may be costing you money.

Deliver security that doesn’t limit your business

We have seen multiple Manufacturing organisations with on-premises legacy systems that have been hacked, shut down or subject to ransomware attacks. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing you can take advantage of cloud based, multi-layered security provided across your infrastructure and operations with security experts actively monitoring to protect your business assets and data.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications for Manufacturing

Why partner with Fusion5 for your Microsoft project?

Fusion5 has a proven track record of delivering Microsoft Dynamics solutions that offer the ability to personalise your approach to enterprise resource planning with business apps that are built on Azure and tightly integrated with Office 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform.

As a member of the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle, and a Microsoft partner, Fusion5 are recognised as being an expert and trusted pair of hands for your implementation. In addition, Fusion5 offers advance access to product updates, licensing changes, and the ability to take our customers’ feedback to the source of Microsoft innovation, to help bring solutions that really make a difference to our clients.

With the wide range of Microsoft Awards Fusion5 holds recognising our unrelenting commitment to delivering great outcomes for our customers, you can feel confident that your business' Microsoft project is in safe hands.

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Great outcomes start with great conversations

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