Pay people right, on time, with our personal, reliable and scalable outsourced payroll service

Share the load with Fusion5 Outsourced Payroll Services

Is your business growth being held back by the burden of managing your payroll obligations? Are you making common and avoidable mistakes, and struggling to stay current with your regional payroll legislation? Fusion5 Outsourced Payroll Services will save you time, money and ensure you get your payroll right - every time. 

Payroll services you can count on

Our Payroll Services team delivers the highest standards of accuracy and reliability, and is fully scalable. As you grow, it grows. We support some of the largest businesses in New Zealand and Australia, across virtually every industry sector.

“We love providing Payroll Services. It gives us a unique insight into our customers and the way they work, so we can offer them superb, customised services and add genuine business value.”


What do you want to do?

Have everything taken care of?

Relax. Our Payroll Services Team provides assistance for payroll queries, payroll processing, report generation, timesheet processing, leave management, back pays and manual pays, and database changes.

Reduce overheads?

You'll save time and money on training staff to manage the payroll function as we do it all for you.

Have a customised service?

We know you are different. So, our Payroll Services are customised to meet your needs. We tailor our service to give you the results you expect.

Feel confident about the payroll landscape?

Help is at hand. Our team of trained professionals are qualified to help you navigate through the payroll landscape. With a full range of payroll tools and access to other Fusion5 consultants, we can deal with any situation.

Have access to technology?

You can have cloud access to as much or as little of our technology as you want, or need.

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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