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The success of your contact centre can be judged on tangible, measurable customer outcomes. Were those calls, emails, live chats, and SMS messages answered quickly enough? Did your customer feel their issue was resolved satisfactorily and that your agent was helpful, knowledgeable, and engaged? And how are your agents managing – are they overwhelmed, frustrated and at risk?  

With Microsoft’s cloud-based omnichannel digital contact centre, all your customer interaction channels are integrated into a single unified platform. As you have visibility of every interaction, there’s no guesswork involved as to how your customers feel about your business. And if you already use Microsoft Dynamics 365, Teams, Power Platform, and Microsoft 365, it’s only a hop, skip and a jump to leveraging the benefit of Teams voice calling. 

Forget complexity - embrace simplicity!

Because it’s Microsoft, you’ll need fewer integrations and less time to maintain services in your application landscape.

Turn your customers from strangers into BFFs

Get to know your customers way better by leveraging and building a customer 360° view and use sentiment analysis to measure happiness or escalate calls to a senior manager.

Put the right question in front of the right agent

Don’t muck your customers around. With skills-based routing, the person most qualified to resolve an issue promptly handles the call.

Answer customer questions faster

Drive consistent outcomes and reduce case handling time by empowering your agents with a knowledge base, smart assist, and Microsoft Co-pilot.

Expand your agent base locally and globally

Now, your agents can work from anywhere with an internet connection. With agents in different time zones, you can offer customers round-the-clock human support.

Why choose Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform for your business?

You can retire your old PABX system. You can start by replacing your PABX equipment with Teams. And just like that, you have all the voice, recording and transcription capabilities you already love.  

It’s not a big deal to implement. With Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform, there are fewer moving parts, and no heavy lifting is required to get up and running, pronto. It’s quick to connect the voice, video, and digital capabilities of the applications you’re already using. And if you’re using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE – it’s easier still as it’s the same platform and structure – and only requires a few new functions turned on.  

It grows with you. Like all Microsoft applications, Digital Contact Center Platform will scale seamlessly alongside your business. And that’s up – or, if needed, down. You can start with the contact center basics and add more functionality and capabilities when ready.  

You’ll always be on with Azure. With 99.9% uptime, it’s business as usual all day, every day, for your contact center.  

You’re in great hands. Fusion5 is an award-winning Microsoft partner. We take pride in delivering business solutions that work harder and smarter for you, and we support you afterwards to help drive more value as time goes on.  

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