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The Fusion5 Marketplace is the answer you've been looking for.

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When you need to acquire more licenses or change the configuration of your licenses, you will no longer need to rely on your license provider to do this for you. Nor will you have to wait days for the administrative process to bed in and make your changes effective. The Fusion5 Marketplace gives you the control to flex your requirements in real-time, with immediate effect.


With Fusion5 Marketplace, the power is in your hands.  Whether you want to research alternative licensing configurations, increase or decrease the number of licenses you have, or you simply want a snapshot of your costs, you can manage all of this without needing to ask your service provider to action things on your behalf. The data is in your hands, enabling you to make commercially savvy decisions that empower your business.


Fusion5 Marketplace provides you with dashboards that give 'at a glance' insights on consumption, license numbers and billing which can help you better understand your business's cost profile, and empower you to make cost-effective and efficiency-enhancing decisions quickly and more easily.


Many businesses struggle to understand exactly what their Microsoft licensing and Azure consumption costs are, and as a result, run into budgeting blowouts, and nasty month-end billing surprises. With the Fusion5 Marketplace you can see exactly what your usage metrics are, and the associated costs. If your consumption seems out of kilter, or you've got more licenses than you're actually using, you have the power to make changes so your budget and actuals are better aligned.


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Why choose the Fusion5 Marketplace over other License Provider Self-Service Portals?

There are a few reasons. 

First of all, Fusion5 has been recognised by Microsoft, both within ANZ, and globally, as an innovative, customer-success focused, partner of choice. We are gold and silver certified for the applications we know Australian and New Zealand businesses prioritise, and as a member of the Microsoft Inner Circle, we are privy to information, updates, and advancements before other partners. This helps us plan and respond to these changes, and provide our customers with a competitive edge.

Microsoft Premier Support

Fusion5 has made the significant investment to become a Microsoft Premier Support partner. This means our customers get prioritised issue resolution services, account management, and proactive workshopping services to access enhanced solutions — backed and empowered by a dedicated expert team within Microsoft. For the mature business looking to maximise the value of their investment, and ensure a clear and achievable roadmap for their evolving digital journal, access to Microsoft Premier Support is invaluable.

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