This ‘one of a kind’ On-Demand webinar with a B2B focus showcases how your business can increase profits, improve customer experience leading to higher sales, and reduce risk, wastage, and negative engagement with stakeholders. 
The ‘Fusion Hi-Fi’ showcase of Microsoft Dynamics 365 eCommerce will give you actionable insights on: 
  • Omni-channel engagement 
  • Efficient warehousing and shipping 
  • Customer loyalty and rich personalisation 
  • Streamlined digital commerce 
  • AI-Driven intelligent commerce 
  • Connected customer journeys  
  • Scalable API first solutions 


Tom Veitch
Industry Director,
Finance and Operations 
Manoj Tirukoti
Team Lead, Finance and Operations 
If you’re unhappy with your eCommerce set up, or have been wondering whether B2B eCommerce is an area you should be considering investing in, this opportunity is not to be missed. 
Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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