1) Dynamics 365 is hard to customise and configure.

Yeah, nah! The Dynamics 365 interface is standardised across all the business applications/power platform, so the form design is consistent with all of your other Microsoft solutions. Even better, the interface takes a ‘no code-low code’ approach which allows even your non-technical resources to customise and configure the platform.

Additionally, the ongoing training (including free certification and app development short courses), support, and a wealth of online resources can help your employees build their knowledge base and become experts in their field.

2) Dynamics 365 isn’t user-friendly.

Oh really? Microsoft users have a high level of user familiarity and comfort with the solutions they use with ease - day in, day out. So, when it comes to using Dynamics 365, it’s intuitive.

All Dynamics 365 user, license management and sign-on is through the existing Office 365 portal. And you can interact with the Dynamics 365 platform with the tools you use every day in Office 365, via Microsoft Teams, or Microsoft Outlook.

3) Dynamics 365 isn’t a premium service.

Ha! When it comes to a premium service, Dynamics 365 can more than hold its own, if not shine quite a bit brighter.

Unlike solutions like Salesforce.com, Dynamics 365 is natively connected with Office 365 and Azure, so it offers extensive functionality without the need to invest in expensive integrations. And it’s also significantly more affordable and provides more licensing flexibility.

4) Dynamics 365 doesn’t have strong industry experience.

Says who? There is a ready-to-use range of industry accelerators for Dynamics 365. And when you work with a partner like Fusion5, you can rely on our considerable depth of experience in the Manufacturing, Financial Services, Professional Services, Construction, Sports and Memberships and Education sectors to deliver a successful outcome.

5) Dynamics 365 isn’t part of the other Microsoft product suites.

You reckon? Dynamics 365 and all Microsoft’s other product suites sit on the common data service (now known as the Dataverse). And just sayin’, but this is something Salesforce.com can’t offer.

If you were feeling confused and blue, we hope we’ve picked apart the rumours for you (ok, that line wouldn’t make Marvin Gaye proud).  

For more information on whether a Dynamics 365 Solution is right for you, contact us using the form below to chat with a consultant or book a demonstration. 

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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