Like yourself, many small to mid-sized companies have pieced together multiple applications to run their operations, from accounting to order fulfilment, to sales and marketing. This may have worked for a time, however, this type of infrastructure provides limited visibility into your core business operations, and severely lacks the capabilities that you need to flex and pivot as market conditions and customer expectations change.

Unfortunately, this piecemeal approach results in companies trying to grow by adding even more systems or niche applications—which often aren’t integrated. This application complexity results in manual tasks and bottlenecks, increasing risks and errors.

But truth be told, these makeshift ‘solutions’ are nothing more than a band-aid waiting to be ripped off and the good news is that a cloud ERP can automate the majority of your routine tasks — freeing up your team to become a driving force in taking your business to the next level

In this video, we cover:

  •  The need for due diligence in reconciling the technological requirements of your ERP with that of your business needs
  • How the right ERP makes year-end close a piece of cake and removes the need for spreadsheet chaos so that your team can easily consolidate and drill down into results from individual entities or business units
  • Having the ability to create a single view for your senior leadership team and board members who all want their reporting customised in a certain way
  • Does your ERP provide you with a complete, real-time picture of your core functions with role-based dashboards to support timely, data-driven decisions across your company and team?
  • Valuable advice for business leaders that find themselves in a similar position - how to make the right business case for ROI and successfully gain the backing of the C-Suite and board
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Let us take you through a NetSuite demo environment, specifically tailored for your industry.

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