Focus on building better products for your customers and let NetSuite take care of everything else

Increase profit, grow revenue, build better products and control costs. Sounds simple right?

NetSuite helps manufacturers automate key tasks, accelerate their quote-to-cash cycles, and improve visibility, inventory management, and productivity - all while reducing IT costs. 

By improving and tracking critical business processes, identifying and measuring KPIs for everything from your financial operations to your factory-floor and shipping efficiencies, you achieve higher levels of business effectiveness and success. 

Still uncertain? Find out how you could experience increased manufacturing visibility and performance with NetSuite ERP.

Positive sales results

Experience 10%-25% improved staff utilisation due to automation. With greater access to information your salespeople can be more active in customer relationship management. This benefit leads to further improvements that increase sales, productivity, revenue optimisation, web presence, and customer satisfaction.

Increased revenue and gross margin performance

Achieve a 2%-10% increase in revenue performance, by using NetSuite to improve decisions made by your salespeople and purchasers, which will boost your bottom line. Deployments also help gain important strategic information about customers and vendors such as price, quality, volume, and on-time delivery performance.

Keep your customers smiling

A 60%-80% reduction in customer backorders all through real-time operations and financial visibility. Now you can better plan, manage inventory and provide more accurate product delivery estimates to customers faster. This allows for deeper insight not only into what’s happening — but why.

Enhance production efficiency

50%-80% improved production efficiency and lead times. Automation allows many quote-to-cash processes and other functions — such as work order, schedule management, purchasing, and inventory management. For instance, many improve the productivity of report builders between 20% and 50% by implementing standardised reporting.

Better inventory management

NetSuite customers are often able to translate greater visibility into improved inventory management resulting in 20%-30% reduction in inventory costs. Every single point in the build process from requisitions to finished goods is represented in the system as a single item. And automated alerts and inventory replenishment allow manufacturers to carry less inventory while avoiding stock-outs.

Process improvements

NetSuite saves manufacturers countless hours of work associated with data entry, organisation, and fulfilment. You can convert forecasts to orders, orders to shipments, and shipments to revenue with unprecedented efficiency. NetSuite also enhances warehouse order fulfilment, packing and shipping processes.

Success comes from having a technology solution that works for you and your customers

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“While our transaction volume has gone up around 500%, our staff levels are basically the same. If we hadn't moved to NetSuite, we would have needed to bring on board at least another couple of people. We also made some real gains in processing time."

Paul Mckenzie | Financial Controller, Cropmark

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Fusion5 is proud to be the largest 5-Star NetSuite Partner in New Zealand. 

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13 more reasons to switch to NetSuite for Manufacturing

  • Accelerate financial close, gain strong invoicing and expense management, and streamline order and revenue management. 
  • Achieve finite production scheduling with constraints by available resources, capacity and utilisation targets. 
  • Gain mobile capability to access real-time business information quickly and securely from the warehouse, shop floor workstation or production line.  
  • Data capture from barcode scanning devices and wireless tablets feeds into NetSuite in real-time. 
  • Manage overseas factories and subsidiaries, execute global financial consolidation whilst transacting business in more than 190 currencies through the NetSuite OneWorld global business solution.  
  • Achieve complete, real-time visibility into sales, inventory, customers and more to gain a single version of the truth.  
  • Greatly improve scheduling and work order management, and increase product quality. 
  • Enjoy the advantages of easy and rich customisation capability, with all changes carrying over seamlessly on each periodic NetSuite upgrade. 
  • Meet the challenge of integrated shipping and order fulfilment across multiple channels, partial ship and drop-shipping requirements, and dynamic order volumes.  
  • Accelerate demand planning, control input type, synergise with suppliers and your purchasing department, and simplify distribution resource planning. 
  • Streamline case management, manage warranty returns and enable customer selfservice.  
  • Enhance intercompany accounts, costing and payment management.  
  • Empower omnichannel purchasing in B2B and B2C environments. Implement campaigns, manage opportunities, and expedite estimating and quoting. 

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