About Fusion5 NetSuite enhancements

At Fusion5 we have created a range of bespoke add-on functionality, that deliver industry-leading business process solutions for a broad range of purposes. All our bespoke solutions have been developed in-house and are designed to deliver additional functionality and efficiencies beyond what out of the box NetSuite provides.  

Printing Plus

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Have you found the need to produce professional documents for your stakeholders from records in NetSuite that don’t offer printing options, or pull together different datasets before printing?

Our Printing Plus SuiteApp provides you the ability to meet your printing needs: 


Print from any record in NetSuite

Completely configurable to meet your needs

Bring together multiple records to source the data you need

Create multiple different print options for each record type

Timesheet UI

(As seen on SuiteApp.com)

Does your business need accurate, timely timesheets? We understand that users like to look at a visual of their day and relate it to an Outlook calendar rather than simply numbers in cells.  

Our Timesheet UI provides your team with a new visual way to interact with their timesheets to ensure accurate and speedy data entry: 

Visualise time in calendar-like view

Drag & Drop and Copy/Paste blocks of time across the day

Colour code your entries to provide quick reference on status

Standardise your time increments (e.g. 15 minutes) across the business

Bank Feed Integration

Is your team spending a lot of time getting transactional information from your bank into NetSuite? Would you like to automate and secure your domestic and international payment processing? Our Fusion5 Bank Feed Integration removes the pain and the risk, while streamlining the process for your team! 

Our solution provides you the ability to streamline and secure your payments processing: 

Automatic upload of statements to streamline your bank reconciliation

Secured using the latest security protocols

Hands-off automated sending of payments to your banks

AR Email Bundle

Do you find that yourself wishing that you could email your stakeholders with information from NetSuite more easily? 

With our Email Extension bundle you can easily communicate with your customers while sending information directly from NetSuite.   

Our bundle provides you the tools: 

Flexible configuration and templates to meet your business needs

Bulk sending and scheduling of emails

Provide email functionality on all records

Source information from all fields and automatically add attachments

File integrator & NetSuite Connector

Do you need to import or export large quantities of information to or from NetSuite on a regular basis? Do you have multiple external systems that you wish could interface with NetSuite easily? 

Our File Integrator provides you with the tools to quickly setup the backend processes to ensure that your data is where it is needed, when it is needed.  

Create your own outbound CSV file mappings inside NetSuite using familiar saved search functionality

Support for multiple file formats

Create custom mapping tables to align data between systems

Automate the processes on a schedule or trigger on demand as needed

Afterpay Integration

Do you have a SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) website and wish you could offer your customers Afterpay? 

Our integration solution provides you the ability to easily include Afterpay as a payment option in your web store.  

Ensure a seamless customer experience with the standard Afterpay checkout process

Afterpay validations are automatically undertaken to ensure orders meet requirements

Secure integration between your NetSuite and Afterpay accounts

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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