Have you found the need to produce professional documents for your stakeholders from records in NetSuite that don’t offer printing options, or pull together different datasets before printing?

Introducing Printing Plus by Fusion5

Printing Plus is a native NetSuite SuiteApp developed by Fusion5 to solve one of the most common requests from our NetSuite customers. Printing Plus lets you create custom PDF layouts for all your NetSuite records. Say goodbye to stuffy stock standard layouts, instead and say hello these printing enhancements:

  • Print PDF documents from any record in NetSuite
  • Printing Plus is completely configurable to meet your needs
  • Bring together multiple records to source the data you need
  • Create multiple different print options for each record type

Built for NetSuite

Printing Plus is a native NetSuite bundle, which means it has been built for NetSuite. Native SuiteApps are developed entirely using NetSuite's own SuiteCloud development platform and can be installed as a bundle directly into your NetSuite environment. Printing Plus is just one of many enhancements the Fusion5 NetSuite team have built for our customers.


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