Enable your customers to shop until they drop - from anywhere

Modern retail has many faces. An industry previously reliant on bricks and mortar outlets has been transformed into an always-on omnichannel world.

To compete, your products need to be in front of your customers when and where they’re looking, and you need interact with them at every stage of the sales cycle as individuals. 

The payoff is worth it though, with Forester Research estimating that on average, cross-channel shoppers spend 30% more than single channel shoppers. VendHQ says that the opportunity cost of not being omnichannel is 10% in lost revenue, and that failing to provide high-quality omnichannel experiences directly impacts ROI.

So, you can’t afford to get it wrong. To become the ultimate retailer, your backend processes need to be as good as your customer-facing ones. The good news is that with NetSuite, you can do everything – in real time - from one place.

One platform for a seamless experience

Simplify and consolidate with a single, complete system covering inventory and order management, ecommerce, CRM and marketing, POS, business intelligence and financials.

Go omnichannel or go home

Gain visibility of your entire business and a single view of the customer while supporting multiple locations, channels and brands.

Operate in retail real-time

Real-time inventory across multiple locations offers your customers up-to-the-minute views of what's available nearby, and options to collect or ship.

Make managing pricing and promos a breeze

Centralise pricing updates or sale prices, here, there, and everywhere. NetSuite enables a global web presence, with multiple language, shipping, and currency options.

Cement customer loyalty

Set the shopping bar high with personalised shopping experiences, lifetime order histories, and connected interactions across all channels.

Optimse your eCommerce

Delight customers with a ready-optimised website for all devices, run B2B/B2C sites from one platform, and multi-site, multi-country support from a single account. Throw in self-service, and you’re nailing it!

Tick every box with a fully integrated, seamless omnichannel approach to retail

With the old systems we had very limited visibility. Now, we can see exactly where we’re making money, and where we’re underperforming. Before NetSuite, we had no remote access at all. Now when I’m travelling I check in on my mobile to keep an eye on how things are ticking over. From that perspective, it’s great!”

- Hercules Tsoutsas, Managing Director, Jaggards

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