NetSuite ERP delivered in as little as 6 weeks

FastStart offers fixed-scope solutions with a predictable investment. NetSuite FastStart is the right fit for you if:

  • You are a single entity organisation 
  • You require a standard configuration 
  • You are upgrading from a financial management system (Xero, MYOB) 
  • You are using spreadsheets to manage data and processes.

With an investment as low as $60,000 to $80,000, FastStart offers a complete ERP implementation covering essential business processes, ensuring enhanced performance and productivity across your organisation. You can be up and running in no time! An out of the box implementation can be done in as little as 6 weeks if NetSuite FastStart is the right fit for you.  

FastStart offers fixed-scope solutions with a predictable investment

Know you need to take the technology leap to unlock new opportunities, but delaying because of the cost and disruption such a transformation would cause? 

NetSuite FastStart offers a fixed-scope ERP solution, which significantly de-risks your digital transformation project compared to larger ERP projects.

We listened to what stopped businesses like yours from investing in the right technology to underpin greater profitability and success, and created NetSuite FastStart. 

A NetSuite FastStart offers you: 

  • A solution tailored specifically for NZ companies
  • Immediately access to NetSuite ERP functionality and benefits
  • Mission critical elements you need to extract the greatest level of benefit and business improvement - in as little as 6 weeks!
  • The ability to grow, scale, and evolve your ERP solution as your business matures.

Delivered fast, with minimal disruption, at a fixed cost! 

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What's included in FastStart ERP implementation?

NetSuite FastStart enables businesses to implement an enterprise ERP without the traditional disruption and cost associated with that sort of project. AND, it allows them to be up and running, experiencing all the benefits of an Enterprise ERP much faster than a traditional implementation, with the option to continue scaling the solution in line with changing business needs. 

With NetSuite FastStart, in as little as 6 weeks you will be able to:

Why choose NetSuite FastStart?

Your investment extends well beyond the purchase of your system.

Included in your NetSuite Fast Start implementation is the might of a 20-year ERP partner veteran, with not only the proven project methodologies to deliver a successful project, but also the infrastructure and resources to provide ongoing aftercare and support to maximise the value of your investment, and benefits realisation.

Choosing NetSuite FastStart will get you all the standard functionality NetSuite offers whilst being able to scale with you as your business changes. 

- Financial management

- Procurement

- Sales forecasting

- Lead and prospect management

- Return authorisation management

- Kitting and assembly manufacturing 

- Opportunity and quote management

- Inventory/ item management

- Order management

- Fixed asset management

- Customer support


ERP implementation in as little as six weeks*

NetSuite FastStart is a complete implementation methodology that removes the complexity of assembling an entire IT solution. It reduced risks by delivering benefits in as little as six weeks, and includes two additional months of hyper care support post go-live. It includes pre-configured NetSuite application software, pre-defined business processes, user roles, technical set-up, and a rapid, predictable installation.

Offer terms: FastStart can be implemented in as little as 6 weeks for a right fit business. The 6 weeks project timeline begins after project signing.

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Delivered by the best!

Delivered by experienced professionals possessing an in-depth understanding of the mid-markets as well as specific industry requirements, FastStart will help you manage core business processes involving finance, people, and equipment - cost-effectively and with low risk.

Fusion5 has the most experienced and certified NetSuite team in ANZ, with over 300 years of combined experience helping SMB's grow.

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