Time for a change in systems

In 2014 Optimation decided it was time to move from the separate, standalone business solutions they were using to a single core system.

With the company’s information spread across a range of databases and on independently maintained spreadsheets, it was difficult and time-consuming to see and manage project profitability as well as many other business operations. And while some systems were accessible via the cloud, others weren’t.

It was clear to Sharon Butler, Optimation’s Business Advisor, that they needed a fit-for-purpose business solution. One with a single source of the truth, and that streamlined their processes through automation. And naturally, it needed to be fully cloud-based to support employees and managers who required real-time access to critical business information.

Finding a fit-for-purpose solution

Optimation issued an RFP, and despite the number of options they had to evaluate, Optimation found that choosing the right solution was easy.

“Fusion5 proposal to implement NetSuite’s Services Resource Planning solution,” said Butler, “came out on top. It met all our business needs, as well as being affordable.”

NetSuite SRP is specifically designed for companies like Optimation, who sell both services and products. It provides complete visibility and control over enterprise-wide processes. Its capabilities include revenue recognition for diverse revenue streams, and consolidated billing across multiple service and product delivery models.

As a purpose-designed and built cloud solution, Optimation knew that the ERP and professional services automation functions would meet all their requirements in one, single system.

Hand resting on a laptop. Screen showing code. Hand resting on a laptop. Screen showing code.

“NetSuite has proven to be a hugely flexible solution, and we’re pleased we chose it.”

Sharon Butler, Business Advisor, Optimation

One version of the truth, at last

A key outcome for Optimation was seeing their data all in one place.

“Previously, both our employee and customer data was basically replicated in every system we were using,” said Butler. “NetSuite definitely delivered on providing us with one source of truth.”

Butler says that NetSuite’s process automation effectively minimised the number of manual tasks. Optimation staff are now more efficient, and business processes are faster.

NetSuite SRP provides Optimation’s on-the-go services professionals with access to real-time business information from anywhere, at any time. And the company’s management gained a whole new level of visibility.

“Managers can now see the up-to-minute status of their teams and our customers,” said Butler. “Before, they had to request the information from the finance team, but now they can check on the status of a customer’s invoice themselves. And the search functionality is great. With the level of visibility that NetSuite provides it’s easy to pull together the information you need, and then instantly output it in the format you’re after.”

Leading from the top

Optimation pioneered NetSuite SRP in New Zealand, and this was the first time Fusion5 implemented this specific solution in either New Zealand or Australia.

To meet the challenge head-on, Fusion5 made certain their most senior personnel were available if Optimation had any concerns. “Where we needed more attention, we found the Fusion5 leadership team were very responsive to our needs,” said Butler. “We always had a direct line to the very top, and genuinely appreciated having that level of accessibility.”

And as Optimation continues its growth path, Butler is confident that NetSuite SRP will scale with them, and continue to meet their needs.

“NetSuite has proven to be a hugely flexible solution”, said Butler, “and we’re pleased we chose it.”

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