Agribusinesses #makingpotentialreality with NetSuite and Fusion5

Streamlining your business under one unified platform

Whether you're a grower, supplier, stockist or buyer, you will rely on complete integration between your core business operations.

Quality control at a large scale is not just a necessity but a business imperative, so the last thing you have time for is dead-end systems that require manual input to complete.

With NetSuite's unified platform you don't have to worry about whether there is a disconnect in your supply chain or experiencing poor demand issues. It lets you get on with running your Agribusiness, while safely and quickly keeping your business ticking in real-time.

HELLO - Real-time financials and reporting to make decisions on the go

GOODBYE - Inventory reporting that lags behind and requires manual input

HELLO - Access and manage your business systems anywhere, anytime

GOODBYE - Outdated on premise business management systems and spreadsheets

HELLO - An all-in-one solution that integrates all your business data in one place

GOODBYE - Soiled systems that make end-to-end reporting impossible

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“While our transaction volume has gone up around 500 percent,” said Paul, “our staff levels are basically the same. If we hadn't moved to NetSuite, we would have needed to bring on board at least another couple of people. We also made some real gains in processing time, so we're very pleased with that as well."

Paul Mckenzie, Financial Controller Cropmark Seeds

Discover the NetSuite difference

Because we know that one size does not fit all, learn how we can tailor NetSuite for your Agribusiness.

Fusion5 and Netsuite Agribusiness ebook

Agribusiness with NetSuite

The number-one cloud ERP was built to provide flexibility and control over every part of an agribusiness operation. From planting and harvesting to distribution and warehousing, it’s all through one platform. As a cloud- native ERP solution – that is, a system built in the cloud to seamlessly deliver all the security, convenience and cost benefits of cloud computing – NetSuite is the gold standard in end-to-end business management for agribusiness organisations. As you batten down the metaphorical hatches and prepare for a challenging couple of years, NetSuite can help you minimise the impact of outside pressures and ride out the storm.

Supply chain Management

NetSuite gives your supply chain the ability and efficiency to operate in the cloud. All this while having a consolidated view of how your customers behave and the potential points of weakness in your operations.

Quality assurance

With NetSuite's combined power of Quality and Asset Management quality issues are timeously resolved and you are now guaranteed a longer shelf life for your business assets.

Financial planning

Make accurate and strategic forecast which is fully enabled when you integrate quality management, advanced inventory and finance management in NetSuite Cloud ERP.

Lot management and batch tracking

Lot traceability from raw material through to final product distribution.

Fixed asset management

Small vehicles, machinery, trucks and everything in between. Manage your assets and their maintenance, wherever they might be.

Product processing and fulfillment

Ensuring FIFO on all product batches while reconciling across location stock price.

Find out what NetSuite can do for your business

Our Navigating Change Checklist will highlight whether or not your current ERP is cutting the mustard — or if you need an ERP system at all! You're just a click away on how you could transform your Agribusiness.

NetSuite Navigating Change Checklist

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