Do we have what it takes to be your partner?

When the time comes to choose from the 67,000+ current Microsoft partners worldwide, it can be challenging to know where to start. So, let’s start with what matters to you. Is it knowledge and experience? Success and support? Cultural alignment? Innovation and thought leadership? Or return on investment?

We believe you deserve it all, and here’s why we’re putting our hands up to be your partner.

You can be certain of success; we have a track record of great outcomes for our customers

You’re in good hands, we’ve invested in the best people, achieving industry certifications, and adhering to best practice

Our commitment to continual improvement means that your solution only gets better over time

Our dedicated support ensures help is always at hand

Our extensive solution ecosystem means that we can develop and enrich your applications

Do industry awards matter?

Fusion5 Microsoft awards 2021

Yes, they do. Microsoft present awards in recognition of the efforts of a partner to successfully enable a business or organisation to significantly transform their future, and carry out their business in an exemplary manner.

So, every award we have won demonstrates that we’ve met the rigorous expectations of both our customers and Microsoft. And as you can imagine, the right to win an award, locally and internationally, is highly contested in the Microsoft partner ecosystem. An award tells you that not only can we do the job, but do it exceptionally well.

What do Microsoft Partner Certifications mean?

Fusion5 is a Certified Gold and Silver Partner across many Microsoft technologies. Achieving gold accreditation in particular requires extensive compliance verification, high levels of competency credentials and proven depth with implementing the solution. Gold Partner status acknowledges our high level of care for our customers, our collaborative relationship with Microsoft, and our leadership status within the partner community. It also talks to our proven commitment to excellence by evolving Microsoft technologies, and focusing on ensuring our clients benefit from our innovative solutions and our best-in-class approach to implementation and deployment. In effect, our certifications tick the ‘highly-competent’ box.

Then, there are customer references

As far as we are concerned, these are the most important ‘wins’ of all. When a customer agrees to be a Fusion5 referee or to participate in a case study, they are not only generously giving their time, but telling the world that they made the right decision to partner with us. That we enabled them to achieve an ROI, improved their business processes, and met their business goals. Our customers also talk about our capabilities, thought leadership and just how great our people are to work with. And that’s worth its weight in gold to us. We can blow our own trumpet, but what our customers say about us is far more important.

Case Studies

We’ve invested in being awesome

Great Microsoft practices don’t just happen. When we started our Microsoft CRM practice in 2016 with a team of 30, we made a commitment to build a team of outstanding people and to hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of knowledge, innovation, delivery, and support. We now have over 200 dedicated Microsoft consultants and managers across New Zealand and Australia (and growing daily!), and our practice spans the full range of Microsoft business solutions including Microsoft Customer Engagement (CRM), Dynamics 365 ERP, Azure, SharePoint, and Power BI.  In addition, we run the Fusion5 Microsoft Academy to upskill and train consultants who'd like to transition to being Microsoft experts!

Are we the right Microsoft partner for you?

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