CTFA Gold Partner Award

We've teamed up with Cosmetics New Zealand as an official Gold Partner.

It’s all about knowing your customer for Australasian business solutions partner, Fusion5, as they join Cosmetics New Zealand (also known as CFTA NZ).

By acting to promote, aid, foster, develop and protect the interests of its members, the CTFA plays a pivotal role in determining the direction of the cosmetics industry. They have been operating since 1972 as a unified voice for the industry and  as it grows and were also responsible for establishing the Look Good Feel Better charity programme here in New Zealand.

The CTFA is not only contributing an important voice for vendors and manufacturers in the industry, it represents an estimated $150 million in New Zealand's export quota, growing at 4% each year.

Fusion5 will be looking to support industry members, leveraging their experience with companies in the manufacture and distribution arms sectors as well as frontline retail.

Having recently released a range of resources specifically for Health, Beauty & Wellness businesses, Fusion5 have seen the potential for companies that let their systems do the heavy lifting of the now complex tracking, manufacturing and distribution.  

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And in line with the industry's growth and change the Association has seen it's fair share of change too. The CTFA website puts it best: "Today, worldwide consolidation has meant much of New Zealand’s requirements are imported. Company mergers and acquisitions have altered the landscape, while niche marketing and contract manufacturing have also contributed to the change. Additionally, we now have an increasing number of New Zealand companies exporting their products to markets around the world."

You can read more about the CTFA and its members - as well as its amazing charity 'Look Good Feel Better' at www.cosmeticsnewzealand.org.nz.

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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