Reducing financial pressure

An external review of Pegasus Health's finance department determined that while the team was right-sized, their ability to effectively manage the monthly workload was limited by their financial system.

Pegasus Health decided to transform the organisation's financial function. A part of this transformation was to find a solution that was more automated and less transactional. They chose Fusion5 to implement ApprovalPlus (procure-to-pay software), which went a considerable way to alleviating the accounts payable bottleneck. But it also highlighted a much larger problem.

"Our old financial system lacked some basic capabilities," says Amir Mirshams, Service Delivery Manager – Pegasus Health. "It couldn't export to Excel or provide the reporting or workflows we needed. It couldn’t support intercompany transactions, or even integrate to other line-of-business applications.

"These were significant issues for us and created additional transactional activities and the need for more staff. It reinforced our productivity issues, rather than lessening them. For us to progress the transformation, to be able to add more value, we needed a new financial system."

A compelling NetSuite business case

Pegasus Health shortlisted four potential enterprise resource solutions (ERPs).

"We saw demonstrations of each, and had detailed discussions with the respective partners," says Mirshams. "But the only solution that could do everything we needed was NetSuite."

The journey to transformation

Fusion5 will begin the NetSuite implementation in August 2020. The project is due for completion by March, 2021.

"By the end of our journey," says Mirshams, "we’ll have the system we need. Reducing the number of transactions we perform will mean we can add value to other parts of the organisation. By using NetSuite, we won’t be pushing paper from one system to another, or transactions from one company to another, actions will happen without human interaction.”

Pegasus Health's operational costs are expected to go down as automation replaces many business processes and legacy system costs, and the finance team will enjoy a smoother and quicker month-end.


Positive experience of Fusion5

Mirshams says that the choice of Fusion5 as their partner was a good one.

“We’d already had a good experience with Fusion5 and the ApprovalPlus implementation. It was a sound investment, and we quickly came to depend on it. We also knew about Fusion5’s considerable experience of integrating it to other finance solutions, including NetSuite. So engaging Fusion5 to implement NetSuite reduced any areas of potential risk for us."

“Then there’s their great customer service. If I log an online support request, they usually respond within 10-15 minutes. From my experience partnering with Fusion5 has been a positive experience throughout."

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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