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Forgotten your password? Or will entering it again break your train of thought?

JD Edwards Single Sign On (SSO)

Having a single location for all credentials is critical for organisations who want to reduce the growing impact of cloud creep* as well as the frustration of forgotten usernames and passwords.


Fusion5 have developed MyAccess - a mechanism by which users can log into JD Edwards using Single Sign On (SSO). MyAccess is already being used by essential infrastructure organisations in both New Zealand and Australia.

Designed to use a range of OpenID Connect enabled identity providers (such as Microsoft Azure AD premium and Okta) as the source of authority, your Cloud Identity Provider can become the single source of truth for identification and authorisation for all applications within the organisation, whether those applications are cloud or on-premise. 

MyAccess by Fusion5 offers your business SSO capability for JD Edwards at under half the cost of the current market alternatives. Pricing is available on application, simply fill out your details below and someone from our Innovation Team will be in touch. 

MyAccess benefits

Disarm new age security issues: maintain user roles, decrease cloud creep, increase system security and tracking.

Increase productivity: any existing integration with JDE that interrupts workflows can now be seamlessly accessed.

Ease of use: less tabs, less waiting, better user experience.

Trusted local source: as your local JDE specialists, we can offer value and speed at reasonable pricing.

Low disruption: you can use the standard programs for long username mapping, to ensure that there is nothing lost between the user’s old JD Edwards’ 10-character name and their cloud provider identity.  

How does it work?

  1. JD Edwards User attempts login to JD Edwards
  2. MyAccess recognises the command and redirects the user to the Cloud Identity Provider
  3. Authentication and authorisation occur with the Cloud Identity Provider
  4. MyAccess converts this authentication into JD Edwards authentication.
  5. The JD Edwards user is then logged into JD Edwards

Implementation takes 3-5 days.

Are you ready for MyAccess?

For MyAccess to be implemented with maximum efficiency, the following must be in place:

  • Azure AD or Okta is the identity provider which will be responsible for verifying the identity of users and applications that exist in an organisation’s directory, and ultimately issuing security tokens upon successful authentication of those users and applications.
  • An application that wants to outsource authentication to a Cloud Identity Provider must be registered in the Cloud Identity Provider, such as AWS – LDAP (on premise)


NB: MyAccess is configured to use Azure AD and Okta as a standard offering. We can use other OAUTH or OpenID Connect compliant directories, however additional configuration would be required.

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*Cloud Creep: When people within your business are adding cloud-based services or applications to the IT infrastructure, without ensuring due diligence around security and access paths.

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