The Fusion5 team will take a staged approach to your modernisation journey

With deep experience in running many different applications on Microsoft infrastructure your data centre modernisation deserves a partner who will give you the confidence that the changes are truly worth it

Infrastructure discovery

Our specialists work with you to perform a discovery of your applications, infrastructure, security and networking in your environment and prepare a discovery report and vision / scope for the remaining phases of the engagement. This provides a general view of the application landscape, enabling the identification of application clusters and their prioritisation in the migration roadmap. Once these application clusters have been identified, we define a migration strategy for each (ranging from rehosting or re-platform to retiring). While the bottom-up assessment is done from an infrastructure level and up, the migration roadmap is defined per application cluster, considering business dependencies and a technical roadmap considering legacy platforms and the integration or convergence with Operational Technology systems.

Assessment and planning

In the assessment phase, our specialists work with you to assess your environment, gathering information from application owners and key stakeholders. This allows us to recommend a high-level journey to a target architecture. Although general IT concepts for the cloud remain the same as on-premises, cloud solutions introduce several new architectural patterns. These strategic choices then drive the design of an end-state reference architecture (e.g. Cloud, Data Centre, Networking, Security, Identity And Access, etc).


In the migration phase, our specialists help your organisation plan the journey identified during the discovery and assessment phases. While the scope of the initiative can encompass a migration of a full data centre or all applications of a specific business unit, the migration is not a one-size-fits-all approach as applications have different business and technical requirements. It is key to assess the cloud suitability and business value of each application. Cloud suitability is measured through a set of criteria such as technology stack compatibility, integration needs or elasticity.

Optimisation tracking

While the main reason to move to the cloud is often the acceleration of business innovation and the improvement of IT capabilities, it also has the potential to generate cost savings in licensing, servers, facilities and maintenance. However, to realise them requires a strong cost management approach to ensure a disciplined assessment and implementation of relevant levers. In Optimisation we will be monitoring your architecture’s technical and financial performance to identify areas for optimisation. These may include rightsizing public cloud instances, tuning into fixed private cloud capacity, snoozing off-peak, deployment policy & automation, show-back or charge-back and off-premises management, among others.

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Great outcomes start with great conversations

Great outcomes start with great conversations

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