Orchestrate your future effectively with our Orchestration Integration Framework

JD Edwards Orchestrator has played a critical role in transforming JDE from a traditional, transaction-based ERP into a digital ERP that removes the need for human input into supervision and administration tasks. It provides the cutting-edge functionality you need to develop real-time, dynamic, and stateless integrations with Mobile Apps, Internet of Things, disparate systems, SaaS applications, and cloud, and enable time-saving process automations.

We’ve taken orchestration innovation one step further though.

Fusion5 has developed an Orchestration Integration Framework to help you keep your integrations and automations in tip-top health – day in, day out. Our framework provides a single solution to all your orchestration related problems with full visibility of all integration transactions, the ability to view trends, monitor, check, and test the end-to-end flow of integrations, turn orchestrations on and off, resubmit them, and more.

Keep it in the (JDE) family

No need to introduce risk with 3rd party products - our framework is built on apps within JD Edwards using the standard toolset.

Take back control

Gain full transparency and control of orchestrations and individual transactions with a centralised repository and management console.

Get the full picture

Every occurrence of an orchestration is logged as a transaction, providing a historical view of integrations and performance trends.

Simplify maintenance, testing, and troubleshooting

Resubmit a failed orchestration, with unique conversation IDs to track and trace the flow of an integration end to end.

Capture inputs, outputs, and logs

Capture input and output JSON payloads with detailed step-by-step, complete, configurable, and customisable processing logs.

Strandardise development

Establish and impose patterns on integrations and templates to standardise development and produce consistently performing orchestrations.

Are your Orchestration Integration Framework ready?

To get started with Orchestration Integration Framework all you need is JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.2 Update 4.

Our team can install Orchestration Integration Framework in your JD Edwards system in just one day and guide you through implementing the framework for your orchestrations.

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