Here’s a quick recap of the key items covered at the Symposium:

  • Everyone is on some form of journey with their JDE
  • Oracle is fully committed to the solution — this includes extending support out to at least 2033
  • JDE is now evolving into the Digital Platform for all
  • Each of you can get more from your JDE today
  • Massive user-centric changes through enhanced functionality and new features
  • You have the ability now to view data how you want
  • Let JDE be your single pane of glass
  • JDE can now make your job easier and more enjoyable

Missed out? Rewatch the full recording here or read on for snippets!

Enhance your user experience with UDOs

With this key focus linking to the world of ‘Low Code/No Code’ and ‘Configuration not Customisation’, JD Edwards has changed the entire paradigm of how things work in Release 9.2 by using User Defined Objects (aka UDOs).

In this recording, Michael Llewellyn, our Industry Director – Operations, runs through all the various UDOs already available in JDE, how they work, and how this has shifted the development lifecycle away from the technical community and your support teams to you, the everyday user!

These UDOs include:

  • Queries
  • Grid formats
  • Form extensions
  • Form personalisation
  • Café One
  • Watchlists

Want to know more? More detailed information on UDOs can be found on the page.

Cloud Migration & Platform Updates

Oracle has ensured that JDE EnterpriseOne’s architecture provides a flexible and configurable solution so it can adapt to constantly changing enterprise practices and emerging technologies. This enables users to work on multiple server platforms and databases, while always maintaining up-to-date security patching.

And critically, that same architecture provides you with the option to migrate your JDE instance based in the ‘Cloud’ through an IaaS/PaaS type scenario.

So, where to from here for your JDE?

Start with this video session, where our JDE Tech gurus, Shannon Moir and Ben O’Malley took our Symposium attendees through the ‘hows and whys’ of cloud migration and platform updates.

They answer those need-to-know questions like:

  • What is the right cloud for me?
  • Should I rehost or reshape?
  • Should I migrate only or do this at the same time as an upgrade/update to the application?

CloudU: Making knowledge work for you

Most customers in the JDE space are used to dealing with one solution for training that works for JDE only - namely UPK (User Productivity Kit). But with Oracle ending premier support in 2022, this session explains why Fusion5 has focused on providing agnostic solutions for all. CloudU gives you the ability in today’s world to seamlessly solve the problems of how multiple sources of knowledge can be developed, scaled, shared, and maintained through one location. It is through these many layers, with focus points on the overall business, people, meetings and even your board strategy, you can maximise your knowledge assets.

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Great outcomes start with great conversations

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