Toyota and Fusion5 have developed a relationship over several years. As Fusion5’s range of products and services has grown, so has the number of touch points between the two companies. Toyota has chosen Fusion5 as the vendor to deliver a range of systems including: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, ApprovalPlus Procure to Pay solutions, Oracle’s User Productivity Kit and the HEAT Service Catalogue. 

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Toyota New Zealand has been a JD Edwards customer since 2002 and relies on Fusion5 to deliver services for this core business product. In 2008 an upgrade from Xe to 8.12 was completed followed by a more recent upgrade to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne release 9.1.

Assistant General Manager of Toyota Mark Young says of the upgrade “Toyota has made a strategic decision to be committed to JD Edwards as our enterprise system, and as such, the decision to upgrade to 9.1 was not a difficult one. The added functionality, improved user interface, compatibility with IE9 and jumping ahead in the support lifecycle were the obvious advantages. Of course, the two most common downsides would tend to be cost and disruption to the business. However, neither eventuated as significant issues — mainly due to the expert planning and execution from extremely committed and passionate staff from both Toyota and Fusion5.”

Now that the upgrade is complete Toyota is powering on with the next project, a significant change to the way it processes new and used vehicles. With vehicles managed in two discrete legacy systems with multiple interfaces, Toyota is moving these business processes into JD Edwards. This project brings all the relevant data into one system and therefore decreases the costs involved in managing vehicles and improves Toyota’s ability to provide information to its dealer network.


Toyota has also implemented ARCTOOLS to manage the data that JD Edwards generates. Toyota attempted to create a manual archiving and purging process for JD Edwards 2-3 when there was considerable pressure on disk space in the databases, and database compression was implemented to solve the immediate disk space issue at the time. Although this process worked there were concerns over the accessibility of archived data, retention of data integrity and management of the process. ARCTOOLS is now implemented to archive data away from the production system.

"This ongoing success relies on strong partnerships with proven vendors that can provide the necessary infrastructure support and services to assist us in delivering high quality and satisfaction for our customers."

Mark Young | General Manager, Toyota New Zealand


Toyota also chose ApprovalPlus to manage the procurement of non-stock items and services as well as to control and approve spending. ApprovalPlus also delivered visibility of approvals, delegation of approval authorities and a move to a completely electronic method of dealing with the procure to pay process.

“ApprovalPlus is fantastic — no more paper invoices getting ‘lost’ in people's in-trays, no more scrambling at month end to ensure all invoices are signed and back with the finance team for payment. ApprovalPlus gives us the necessary visibility and governance controls over expenses in one simple to use system.”

Mark Young | General Manager, Toyota New Zealand


Toyota originally implemented Oracle’s User Productivity Kit (UPK) to capture the system processes for a new application that was developed. The captured process steps were imported into an external testing system and saved valuable time during the project. As the new application was rolled out to the user base UPK was used for accelerating user adoption of the application. With users spread all across New Zealand UPK Knowledge Centre was used to deploy self-paced web training ensuring that all the users were able to receive training as early as possible.

Toyota now makes extensive use of User Productivity Kit (UPK) throughout the organisation.

Toyota has been market leader in New Zealand for 25 consecutive years and plans to continually grow and win more of the vehicle business in New Zealand.

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