How NOT to muck up your integration project

Hints, tips, insights and more on how to undertake a successful integration project.

As businesses grow and evolve, they inevitably add in new tools and software to help them operate faster, leaner, better. But there comes a time when the collection of those stand alone solutions starts sending you backwards. That's about the time someone suggests an integration project. Great idea — dismantling data silos, and democratising data so that all important 'single source of truth' can be found is the Holy Grail. The road to the Holy Grail can be tricky though.
Join us to hear:
  • Typical challenges faced in most integration projects, and how to overcome them
  • How to read those 'check-lists' of features in off-the-shelf middleware solutions, AND how to avoid being caught short by empty marketing promises
  • The difference between 'integration as a service' and 'integration as a middleware solution'
  • The top five tips on how NOT to muck up your integration project
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