A practical perspective

The international CRICOS student market is a very important economic asset. Competition to attract and recruit overseas students is growing, and so are barriers to achieving operational excellence.

Using real-world case studies, we will show you how educational institutions are using people. to operate more effectively in the future education and training market.

Topics covered:

  • Attract and acquire more overseas students in an evolving industry

  • Driving down operational costs and unifying niche operations

  • Enhancing student experience and success through technology

  • Managing the student life-cycle through a single hub (and across multiple brands)

  • Measuring “day to day” operational performance to effect change

  • Legislative compliance as an outcome of a good process


For more information, contact:

Richard Lisbin
Account Director - Industry Solutions

M +61 412 542 093
P +61 2 8240 3800


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