Democratising Digital Transformation with DIY Apps​

Democratising digital transformation by putting the power (apps) in the palm of your hand. ​Not every technological advancement has to be bigger than Ben Hur – rediscover the joy of DIY when it comes to using Power Apps.​ ​

Who should watch: Everybody 

Fusion5 Presenters: Kristy Brown & Jonathan Rickard

Get your Data Ducks in a Row ​(Data Governance)​

Drowning in Data – how to take control and create a framework for disciplined data management that will see you taking action to get your data ducks in a row.​

Who should watch: CDataO, CFO, CRiskO, COO​

Fusion5 Presenters: Wouter de Vos

The 5 Mistakes CFOs make when strategising for growth​

Typically CFOs don’t concern themselves with Payroll & HR except to worry about costs and audits. But with people being the backbone of growth strategies, we’ll discuss what CFOs put at risk by not digging into HR & Payroll more deeply.​

Who should watch: CFO, COO, CEO, HR, Payroll​

Fusion5 Presenters: Sven Martin & Chris Radley

Cyber Security is a Culture, not a product​

Why traditional culture improvements efforts to raise awareness of cyber threats are failing to facilitate secure behaviour – and how to address the gap.​

Who should watch: CISO, CSO, CTO

Fusion5 Presenters: Kris Jackson & Adam van Vliet​

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