Vulnerability Management

Proven. Proactive. Protective.

Managing operational security is the need to immediately report vulnerabilities as well as take no unnecessary risks through a lapse in judgement or any harmful action

Cyber-attack. You may never even see it coming. And when it does - and it invariably will - you may find out that you’re not nearly as well-protected as you thought.

Your IT systems are vulnerable to attack from every quarter.

We tend to think the biggest threats are from external sources. Strangers in a darkened room on the other side of the world deliberately targeting your software and system weakness to steal or corrupt your data, and damage your integrity. But equally as harmful are those home-grown threats launched from within your business or organisation, intentionally or otherwise.

So, how do you manage these threats and minimise the havoc they can wreck on your business and its reputation?

Vulnerability management in action

Managing operational security is no longer just the responsibility of your IT department. All of your users need to play their part. They need to immediately report vulnerabilities as well as take no unnecessary risks through a lapse in judgement or any harmful action. And they need to be aware of the danger signs.

We can provide awareness training to your employees around cyber security, so that’s not a problem. But more importantly, we can enable your IT and security teams to further protect your users by integrating your key asset, risk and change management processes. Then you can seamlessly discover, assess and action vulnerabilities in real-time.

The vulnerability checklist

Vulnerability management provides you with a set checklist of ‘things to do to secure my business.’ It’s an ongoing and vigilant process aimed at reducing the opportunity for others to exploit the enterprise software applications that you use both on your private networks and in the cloud.

What business benefits will you get out of using our expert vulnerability management services?

Heightened internal IT security. 

We employ a process of continuous discovery and patching of known vulnerabilities across all your applications and operating systems.

Reduced costs.

Instead of needing a small army of IT people to try to protect your business in an ad hoc, reactive manner, we can make the process repeatable, proactive, swift and consistent.

Less risk of breaches.

We block unknown code and dynamically manage the applications that you run in your organisation.

Increased user confidence.

By introducing robust security protocols, we can alleviate your employees’ fear of inadvertently introducing viruses into your digital workspace.

Boosted staff productivity.

We can safeguard your corporate IT assets so you avoid nasty cyber infections which can potentially cost you hours, if not days, of employee productivity.

Strengthened organisational compliance. 

We can ensure you comply with all internal and external security mandates by providing real-time metrics and dashboards that alert you to any risks, vulnerabilities and other security/controls.

Why Fusion5?

Through our proven processes and proactive management, we can help most companies achieve an 85% reduction in their vulnerability to attack.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Ivanti Platinum partner, Fusion5 has especially strong capabilities in securing organisations who run both Windows and NON-windows environments.


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