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The very first step of ITAM is to get an accurate view of all your IT assets. It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But the reality is that you have at least six different sources of truth. These include your finance system (procurement process), Windows tools (SCCM and Intune), cloud consoles (AWS and Azure), mobile device management tools (AirWatch, JAMF Pro), network discovery tools, monitoring tools (SCOM and SolarWinds), assets in stockrooms or storage (spreadsheets) and your ITSM tool (CMDB).

A certain level of intelligence is required to gather all this information in one place and normalise it. We call this capability Asset Intelligence, and it’s the first step of a robust IT asset management framework. Incorporating virtual assistants and smart advisors which use industry best practices to help you make sense of all the data you collate not only makes your job easier, it heightens the value of your protocols overall.

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Deploy software assets with accuracy and efficiency

No more 'where's Wally' when it comes to hardware assets

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Minimise the danger (and cost) of over-licensing

If you don’t know what software and licenses you have, and who needs and uses what, then it’s easy to oversubscribe.

Buying full licenses for every staff member may seem like a simple, blanket approach to ensure your people have what they need to work. Over-licensing is also a side effect of software license audits. So many organisations fear audits that they’d rather budget for and over-purchase licenses year-on-year than quantifying what they need and use. This isn’t an economic or rational approach, especially in an era where everyone’s trying to do more with less.

However, you’ll be pleased to know that there are cost-effective ways to tackle these problems. Fusion5 can help you understand your software usage and make sense of the contracts you have with all your software vendors.

We can save you money on your licensing

All roads lead to ITAM (not Rome!)

IT Asset Management software is relevant to all organisations regardless of which specific branch of IT is dominant. There are at least five factions of IT that ultimately depend on accurate asset information. In addition, compliance, governance, legislation, and audit requirements are a way of life when managing your IT assets.

If you think it's time to have a serious look at your ITAM maturity, we're here to help.

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Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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