Transforming Field Service Management

Our Field Service Management system is the perfect ally for businesses with a mobile service division. It’s designed to enhance operational efficiency, boost customer satisfaction, and curb unnecessary costs. From scheduling and dispatching technicians to managing work orders and inventory, our system tackles your most pressing field service challenges.

Plus, our mobile app ensures your team has all the necessary job and customer information at their fingertips, no matter where they are.

Benefits of NetSuite Field Service Management

Our Field Service Management (FSM) system offers stacks of benefits for organisations with mobile workforces and on-site service operations:


Enhance efficiency

Reduce delays and improve overall efficiency. NetSuite’s automated scheduling and dispatching features help assign the right technician to the right job at the right time. Added features like GPS technology and real-time traffic data enable technicians to reach customer locations faster for reduced travel times and fuel costs – which add up to massive improvements to the bottom line.

Improve customer satisfaction

Use NetSuite’s FSM to communicate with customers better than ever before. Provide customers with real-time updates on technician arrival times, job progress, and status of service requests, leading to improved transparency and satisfaction. Timely responses and quicker resolutions of issues also result in higher customer satisfaction levels – and make your company a stand-out.

Optimise resource utilisation

Minimise downtime and delays by tracking and managing inventory levels. Ensure technicians have the right parts and equipment for each job. Efficiently allocate resources based on skills, location, and availability. That’s how you maximise workforce productivity and utilisation – and it’s a breeze with NetSuite FSM.

Increase accountability and compliance

NetSuite FSM gives you peace of mind by keeping an accurate record of service tasks, work orders, and technician activities. This ensures superior service performance as well as compliance with industry regulations. With comprehensive audit trails at your disposal, you’ll have transparency in operations and effortless reconciliation.

Make data-driven decisions

Transform raw data into actionable insights, so you can analyse performance indicators like service response times, first-time fix rates, and customer satisfaction levels with ease. NetSuite FSM allows you to harness these insights to anticipate and avert equipment failures, champion proactive maintenance and slash downtime. Make informed, data-driven decisions that continuously refine your service operations.

Scalability and growth

Our scalable FSM solution grows as you do, seamlessly integrating additional service technicians and expanding service offerings. It’s designed to support your business expansion while maintaining the delivery of efficient and high-quality service. Stand out in the market and attract new customers by leveraging a system that’s synonymous with operational excellence and customer delight.

Leverage the capabilities of a Field Service Management system, and your organisation will gain all these benefits and more – from streamlined operations to enabling data-led decision-making – so you can drive sustainable growth your field service operations. 


Say goodbye to these common field service challenges

  • Discover how NetSuite Field Service (NFS) can transform your staff’s billable hours with GPS tracking and dynamic scheduling, leading to increased chargeable hours and improved bottom line. 
  • Learn the secrets to maintaining optimal inventory levels, reducing leakage, and ensuring that the right parts are available at the right time, thereby increasing first-time fix rates and customer satisfaction. 
  • Uncover the advantages of replacing paper-based processes with NetSuite’s digital solutions, leading to more accurate data, reduced administrative time, and enhanced customer experiences. 

Key features of NetSuite Field Service Management

  • Scheduling and dispatching
    Our system ensures that the most qualified technician is dispatched promptly, reducing wait times and enhancing customer satisfaction. With GPS tracking and an intuitive schedule board, managing your workforce has never been more efficient or profitable.
  • Work order arrangement
    Streamline your work order process, from creation to closure. Our comprehensive management system allows for real-time updates, ensuring that every detail is captured accurately. This leads to improved resolution times and a seamless experience for both your technicians and customers.
  • Route optimisation
    By calculating the quickest paths and considering technician proximity, NetSuite’s FSM minimises travel time and expenses, leading to faster service delivery and a greener footprint.
  • Inventory management
    NetSuite FSM provides real-time visibility into stock levels across all locations, ensuring that the right parts are available when needed. This not only increases first-time fix rates but also reduces the risk of stock loss and leakage.
  • Customer communication
    Keep your customers informed with real-time updates on service progress and technician arrival times. NetSuite FSM fosters transparency and trust, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Performance analytics
    Better informed decisions are just the start. NetSuite FSM allows you to identify trends and areas for improvement so you can change strategic and tactical directions as needed. Use data-driven strategies to refine your operations and achieve superior service outcomes.

See NetSuite Field Service Management in action

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