Fusion5 Cybersecurity Assessment (CSA): Your blueprint for excellence

Dive into the essence of cybersecurity with the Fusion5 CSA. Crafted for the unique dynamics of your enterprise, this assessment isn't a mere risk checklist. It's your roadmap to a fortified future, guided by the critical insights of CIS Controls v8 and the Essential Eight framework.

A four-step journey towards cyber mastery

Our thorough approach ensures comprehensive coverage from endpoints to the cloud, providing you with immediate, practical recommendations to enhance your defence mechanisms effectively.

  • Initiation and scope: Tailoring a strategy that integrates seamlessly with your business landscape.
  • Insightful evaluation: A deep dive into your current security posture, guided by the 18 CISv8 controls.
  • Comprehensive analysis: Identifying vulnerabilities with precision, backed by data-driven insights.
  • Tailored recommendations: A detailed action plan, highlighting your path to mitigate risks effectively.

Beyond the assessment, enhance your cyber resilience further with discounted prepaid remediation/advisory hours. Act on identified priorities with confidence and strengthen your cybersecurity posture within 90 days post-assessment.

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