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Well, it might be. Then again, the growing complexity of IT means there are more users than ever before accessing corporate assets such as applications, devices and systems. It’s getting harder and harder to make sure you have control over who has access to what.

To make it even more challenging, the locations of these assets are changing too. Some are in the cloud, some are mobile, and others are extremely hardened (secured).

Identity and Access Management

A broken or non-existent identity management framework can cost your organisation dearly. Having a formalised Identity and Access Management (IAM) approach is pretty much non-negotiable in today’s world. However, what does a successful IAM look like?

In a nutshell, a well-developed IAM will manage your users' access to sensitive applications and data without restricting the agility of your business. You won’t need to compromise on the digital experience provided to your employees and customers. And naturally, it will meet all of your compliance requirements - cost effectively and efficiently.

If one of your corporate strategies is to mitigate and manage risk through IAM (and it should be!), and realise an ROI, then we should talk. ​

Our phased approach and security framework enables our customers to tackle all the core IAM functions (for example: Single Sign On, Authentication, Authorisation, On/Off boarding) in a future-proof way, based on the latest protocols through our partnerships with Microsoft, Okta and Ivanti.


When we talk about ‘identity’ in the world of IT, what do we mean?

In computer technology, ‘identity’ is the unique name of a person, device, or the combination of both that’s recognised by your operating system/s.

Our identity services include helping you with your onboarding processes so you can easily manage your users and their access and privileges in your technology environment. This can be done within your existing architecture.

Our IAM specialists guarantee a consistent, reliable, accurate outcome. We use robust processes which ensure that every person you employ is properly on-boarded and only granted access to the data they are entitled to see (for example, only HR people will have access to personnel files and other confidential information). And when an employee is off-boarded, their access and privileges are correctly removed so your sensitive commercial and personnel data is safe.


Single sign-on

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication process that allows your users to access multiple applications with just one set of login credentials. So, they only have to remember one username and password to access everything they have permission to use or see in the same session.

By eliminating the need to reauthenticate credentials each time they sign in, employee productivity goes up, workflows are streamlined, phishing minimised, and compliance is improved through a centralised database. And it provides detailed reporting on user access.

Setting up SSO can be a very complex and challenging task. Most IT departments don’t have the internal capabilities or specialised, experienced resources needed to successfully roll out SSO.

Talk to us. Implementing SSO is second nature to us, so we can set it up for you while you get on with the task at hand.

Universal Directory, User Account Provisioning and Access Management

How do you provide your part-time employees, seasonal interns, partners, and contractors with temporary or limited access to your corporate apps and data?

Typically, this group of users come and go at different times and can be spread across departments and geographies. It’s easy to lose track of permissions and access and expose your organisation to significant risk both from an auditing compliance and a security breach perspective.

Our solutions? We use Universal Directory (UD) as a platform to consolidate all of your user information in one central directory, so you have a single source of the truth. User Account Provisioning is a real-time business process which allows you to add and remove users, change users and their details, and update their access rights as their roles change.

Why Fusion5 for Identity Management?

We’ve got your back because our identity management service includes:

  • Identity Management and Certifications
  • Multi-layer authentication protocols
  • Adding and removing access
  • Updating access control when roles change
  • Protecting sensitive data
  • System security
  • Policy enforcement
  • Monitoring and protection against breaches, unusual activity and unauthorised use
  • Integration of legacy systems

A blueprint to link your cloud and on-premise apps

We can transform your business infrastructure with our simple, agile, fit-for-purpose and cost-effective digital business solutions.

Fusion5 has a wealth of experience in protecting our customers’ businesses, driving value, and ensuring compliance. We specialise in managing and countering the potential threats and vulnerabilities that keep you awake at night.

And we’ve proven our ability to make a measurable difference, time and time again.

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Great outcomes start with great conversations

Great outcomes start with great conversations

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