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We understand a new business solution is a major investment for your business - and not just from a financial standpoint. The investment extends from your employees learning the system and adapting to business process changes, through to new and improved service levels for your customers.

And while selecting the right solution is important, it’s how it is implemented that really makes the difference.

That’s why we invest heavily in our people, their career development, and ongoing training. We rely on our people to not only successfully roll out your application, but to ensure you’re getting real business value, now and in the future.

Our Project Management & Consultancy team has over 250 consultants. Some join us through our Fusion5 graduate programmes, others are seasoned industry professionals. All are channelled through an ongoing certification path so their solution knowledge is always current and in-depth.

What's behind a great implementation?

Before anything, we start by making sure we know what success looks like for you.

This ensures we’re both clear on what outcomes you need to be delighted with your investment. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help you to define KPIs.

We have a structured and proven process designed to benchmark project progress, keep it on schedule and to expectation, and in the event of misalignment, quickly get things back on track.

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Professional Services Implementation Packs

We don’t expect you to be experts at implementing business solutions. We know it’s important we support you through the parts of the project that you’re required to ‘own’.

That’s why we’ve developed a set of Implementation Packs which provide guidance and practical steps to confidently approach the activities usually allocated to your team. Our packs include an overview of what the activity entails, the most important elements to consider, and the most suitable resource type and skill sets required to do the work.

We have Implementation Packs for:

Data Migration

Most customers worry about the ‘rubbish in, rubbish out’ risk of migrating data from the old system to the new. This guide provides valuable insight into how to focus on the most important data, ensure it is high quality and doesn’t de-rail the project schedule.

Organisational Change Management

This guide is intended to provide you with an overview of Organisational Change Management, its importance in your project success, and some practical steps you can take in your business to support your implementation’s success.

Acceptance Testing

Smoke Tests, Unit Tests, Penetration Testing, Integrated Testing – how do you decide which testing is right for your project? This guide provides simple explanations about the various testing processes available, why testing matters and the essential elements to consider for test planning.

End User Training

User adoption of the new solution is a vital goal for implementation success. How can you ensure knowledge is transferred in a practical way when training your end users? This guide describes how to choose the right trainers, and the practical steps for preparing and delivering meaningful training to those who are impacted most by the new solution.

Project Governance

Executive sponsorship and formal steering committee meetings provide the supporting structure for the project delivery teams. This guide provides guidance on how to set up a formal governance team, the role of the project sponsor, and how to run the meetings effectively.

Project Team

Great implementations are led by effective teams who work collaboratively towards common goals. In software implementations, the best results come when the vendor and customer teams work as one team. This guide is designed to assist you with understanding the roles and skills needed from your organisation to put together an effective team, and to structure their roles and responsibilities from the outset.

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