Microsoft Dynamics 365 Health Check

The increasingly granular and complex nature of Dynamics 365 licensing has caused costly confusion for many. You should consider a Fusion5 Dynamics 365 Licensing Health Check if:

  • You are you concerned you’re paying for redundant licenses, or have poorly scoped license configurations, that are adding unnecessary cost
  • You aren’t 100% confident you’ll meet technical enforcements for Team Member licenses
  • You don’t have the resources and necessary competencies to ensure audit compliance
  • You’re worried you’re missing an opportunity to gain greater productivity for your users by not leveraging available add-ons

Undertaking a Fusion5 Dynamics 365 Licensing Health Check will:

  • Enable you to match the appropriate licensing model to your user scenarios and give you advice on license changes, improving your ROI and reducing costs
  • Provide recommendations on the right-sized licenses to ensure you are compliant to reduce audit non-compliance remediation costs
  • Map your licensing needs against current promotions so you can benefit from Microsoft’s most advantageous offerings
  • Identify how to optimise your licensing to fit your current business model, stripping out cost-attracting redundancies, improving security, and ensuring your licensing plan is structured so you aren’t penalised for making changes when you need to scale


Office 365 Health Check

Office 365 is a set of rich, empowering, productivity applications, which many businesses are under-utlising or have poorly configured. You should consider an Office 365 Health Check if:

  • You’ve had to respond quickly to the need for ‘work from home’ capability, and aren’t sure you’ve got tools like Microsoft Teams correctly set up to take advantage of inbuilt security measures so your workforce is as safe online as possible
  • You have been using Office 365 for some time now, and not sure you've consciously enabled the latest productivity & security features
  • Are concerned that your company emails are being accessed by hackers or phishers
  • You’re unsure if all the Office 365 functionality and enhancements you’re paying for are being utilised

Just some of the benefits you’ll receive from undertaking the Fusion5 Office 365 Health Check:

  • See who has access to your Office 365 data, and at what level
  • Uncover weak points in your email data security, and receive advice on how to rectify these
  • Be able to report on Office 365 license usage and redundancy, and receive advice on how to optimise
  • Understand the next steps to leverage new functionality, enhancements, and cloud services to improve productivity, security, and compliance


Cyber Security Health Check

Security is a big subject, which can, and should, be broken down into manageable parts. A Fusion5 Security Health Check can help with this, and you should consider one if:

  • You’re not sure if you’re doing enough to protect commercial and private data, and avoid big penalties in the event of a breach
  • You are worried that if a user or their device is phished or hacked, that the hacker will have full access to your networks, systems & data
  • You’re not 100% confident you haven’t been hacked (on average, it takes 279 days for a company to identify and contain a breach)
  • You can’t confidently say where all your sensitive data is, who has access to it, and could recover it, or destroy it, if it got into the wrong hands

The Fusion5 Cyber Security Health Check will:

  • Provide practical advice and supporting frameworks on how to achieve security compliance, protect private data, and avoid penalties
  • Identify IT assets susceptible to user or data compromise
  • Deliver rapid identification, response advice, to any security incidents, plus, outline how to use Artificial Intelligence and automation to ensure 24/7 monitoring of your systems, without burdening staff
  • Show you how to control where your data is held, enabling you to take ownership and control to best protect that data


Azure consumption & configuration Health Check

Managing applications and services in Azure has brought many efficiencies for organisations, but has also made cost management difficult, and introduced security risk. The Azure Health check should be of interest if:

  • You are frustrated with unexpected cost increases when reviewing your cloud invoice each month
  • Your cloud infrastructure is growing faster than your ability to control it
  • You are concerned that some of your cloud resources might not be secure
  • You are worried you might be paying for resources you don’t use or need

The Azure Health Check will:

  • Identify how you can reduce your overall cloud spend by as much as 40%!
  • Identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities within your cloud infrastructure
  • Identify where you can leverage new cloud services to improve service availability and security
  • Identify where you can improve governance on your cloud infrastructure and improve operational efficiency


Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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