Enterprise Architecture

Future-proof. Save costs. Achieve objectives.

Enterprise Architecture is the blueprint which focuses on aligning your current technology with your business needs and future growth objectives.

Do you have a blueprint that defines the structure and operation of your enterprise? One that supports your current and future technology and growth objectives?

When we provide architectural advice, we keep your data access and longevity front of mind. From the very outset, our focus is on successfully aligning your technology with your business needs.

Yes. We know that a lot of IT consultancies say this, but Fusion5 achieves it.

We do things differently from the start

When your IT people hear the words ‘Enterprise Architecture’ they are likely to automatically think ‘TOGAF’ (The Open Group Architecture Framework). And then it all becomes just too technical and too hard.

We take a different approach.

We introduce the concept of ‘Business Architecture’ early in our conversations with you, so we’re on the same page from the outset.

The key principle of business architecture is to align your system investment to your organisation’s strategy. This way, the ‘value’ of your investment can be measured and accounted for – and you have a proven ROI that makes everyone happy.

Been there, done that (and looking forward to doing it again)

Establishing an enterprise architecture requires a disciplined and well-thought-out approach, and a rigorous process of analysis, design, planning, and implementation. 

Our consultants have worked at sites with as few as 50 users, right through to sites with over 10,000 users all over the world.

You can be confident that we know what we’re doing.

Defining a means to an end

A critical step in business architecture is to define your Business Motivation Model (BMM). At the highest level, your BMM establishes the ultimate goals of your business, and how to achieve them. It also determines the means to an end for your business and will anchor your investment decisions.

With your BMM in place, business architecture provides a metric-based approach to guide your investments, improvement and divestment decisions. This allows you to confidently justify, internally and externally, any initiatives you chose to implement.

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)

The same approach to establishing an effective Enterprise Architecture doesn’t suit everyone.

So, while we start with the business architecture conversation to quickly establish a decision framework for agile businesses, we’ve also invested in TOGAF as a formalised alternative or supplemental enterprise architecture discipline.

Why talk to us?

As mentioned earlier, our consultants have developed enterprise architecture for sites which support 50 right through to 10,000 users. We use our end-to-end capabilities to customise your architecture to meet both your short and long-term goals. So you won’t outgrow your technology in a hurry.

And we don’t believe in surprises. We create a statement of work for you which defines exactly what you can expect from us and our solutions. You can engage with us and be confident of the outcome.


Great outcomes start with great conversations