Stress-free integration

Campfire is a complete, code-based, integration service where all the hard work is done for you.

There’s no DIY.

Our experts build integrations to your specifications, connecting any cloud, legacy or on-premises applications. We then monitor them 24/7, ensuring you get the continuous access and value that you need. All without the hassle and pain of trying to do this in-house.

Integrations are only built once, but require continuous attention to keep them running effectively, and delivering the results and data that your business relies on. The value of an integration is in its ongoing reliability and performance.

While many iPaaS providers make it sound ‘simple’ to build your own APIs, more and more IT leaders are finding that ‘drag and drop’ functionality, whilst it appears simple, doesn't deliver when it comes to reliability, and delivering on more complex requirements. And when there is a problem, they find themselves left on their own.

Campfire is different.

De-risk changes to integrations with source control for versioning and automated testing

"Ask and you will receive" fully-managed integration service

Access data from anywhere by connecting any combination of applications, whether on-premises, cloud-based, or legacy

Increased staff productivity as they're freed up to work on strategic business projects

Freedom from the typical limitations of iPaaS solutions

Faster deployment and more up-time

Compare iPaaS to Campfire

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

"Do it yourself"


"All done for you"

You build your own integrations using an interface We build your integrations for you
You're on your own when it comes to testing and integrations You test alongside expert help from the Fusion5 Campfire team
You need to troubleshoot and support your integrations yourself We monitor 24/7, and fix any issues that arise based on the urgency you assign them*
Self-service integration often takes longer than expected Campfire integrations are delivered on time, according to expectations
Lack of support for problems with vendor provided APIs and connectors We build integrations to fit your business, without needing to rely on un-supported vendor APIs and connectors
"Real-Time" integrations often require additional investment to achieve You don't pay additional on-going charges for "Real-Time" integrations
No source code control and difficult to track changes Full trackability of all changes to integrations, and control over source code management

*Fusion5's standard 'fix' support is during business hours. Out of hours support packages are available.

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The benefits of code-based, fully-managed Integration as a Service

  • Go beyond the limits and drawbacks of iPaaS
    There’s a lot of marketing hype surrounding iPaaS platforms. They promise to integrate thousands of applications, allowing you to create new APIs by just dragging and dropping. They are presented as simple, easy solutions that don't need developer support. In reality, in-house teams and individual users sometime struggle to configure and manage these APIs. At worst, projects stall or fail halfway, where the limits of iPaaS are discovered.
  • The power of code-based integration
    When we designed Campfire, we spoke to client-side integration teams to understand their greatest challenges. They had found that other platforms were not scalable beyond simple integrations going from point A to point B. Campfire’s code-based approach is cleaner and a far more friendly and effective environment for developers. It features no build control, allowing multiple developers to work on integrations simultaneously. In short, a faster, more productive integration process.
  • Deploy best-of-breed solutions faster
    Organisations like yours are under more pressure than ever before to deliver new digital experiences and workflows for your customers and internal teams. Campfire gives you the ability to create outstanding seamless experiences quickly by bringing together any mix of applications, whether in the cloud or on-premises. Because we build the integrations for you, it’s faster than your own teams using a DIY approach.
  • Your people are NOT integration experts
    While simple integrations can be managed by some users, overall, it's unlikely you have the integration specialists you need to be successful in your team. And nor should you. With Campfire, your people can focus on maintaining the highest levels of productivity for delivering your most important strategic projects and initiatives. Let your people focus on what they do best, instead of being distracted by endless attempts to make integrations work.
  • Lower total cost of ownership
    By leaving your integrations to the experts, you can achieve a lower total cost of ownership. Whilst iPaaS platforms claim that even non-technical teams can create and handle their own APIs, this is rarely the case. Teams quickly find themselves out of depth and with problems on their hands. This can mean that total costs escalate, with the licensing costs of iPaaS plus the costs incurred to bring in outside experts. It pays to get your integrations right first time. This is where Campfire can’t be matched.
  • Move your integrations at any time
    Our clients are crazy for Campfire and they intend to use it for the long term. It’s built using Typescript, a universal coding language. This means if you do decide to leave one day, we can package up and export your integrations to use with another platform. No stress. And no hard feelings either.

The 11 deadly sins of iPaaS

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Detect problems that are invisible to other systems with Campfire’s Cognitive Services AI

Other integration platforms produce clunky, hard-to-find error logs that can be made up of pages and pages of code. The debugging eats into developers time and these endless logs are meaningless to internal users.

Campfire is different… It sends proactive notifications by email and IM pinpointing exactly where the API or integration has failed. Fusion5 also get these notifications too, so their experts get to work right away to resolve and fix (during business hours, unless agreed otherwise).

Campfire even goes a step further — it uses Cognitive Services to constantly monitor and detect interruptions early and often. Campfire learns the normal patterns of behaviour for your integrations. If that pattern of behaviour changes, it prompts proactive investigation.

It constantly looks for anomalies in the volume and type of data passing between systems. If the volume is unusually high or low, or the type of data changes (or data is missing), it raises the alarm.

Integrations can appear to be working fine on the surface, but under the hood, something might not be quite right. Campfire’s AI ability is there to guard against this and protect your business critical workflows.

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Campfire’s not so secret, secret… Active Triage of failed tasks right in your browser

Being alerted that something has gone wrong is the easy bit. But recreating the problematic event is a real nightmare. This is why we designed Campfire to allow all tasks to be retried right from within the browser. You won’t find this in any other middleware system.

That’s right… You can retry events and rectify the data there and then. The problem data will be waiting for you in the dashboard where you can manually change a value and re-submit. There’s no need to re-run the entire integration again. Super easy!

Automated retry events

Not every failed event should result in a warning that needs manual intervention. Campfire proactively attempts to retry tasks, taking into account cloud based APIs that can appear to be momentarily unavailable. It keeps re-trying until the event is successful or exceeds the retry limit set. Ultimately, any tasks that don’t succeed go into triage in Campfire’s dashboard.

The benefit of automated retries? — it makes your team super-productive and saves time by cutting out all those manual responses to false-alarms.

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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