When does your best of breed payroll software reach the end of its useful life, and start causing you more problems than it solves? 

When you hear yourself saying: 

  • I wish I could easily access data on leave liability, sickness, and salary trends so I could plan, budget, and forecast resourcing more intelligently. 
  • Why is it so hard to interrogate our pay data to be sure we’re compliant? 

And your staff saying things like:  
I’m so sick of waiting on spreadsheets in order to run payroll! 

  • It’s such a mission to run a simple report because all the data I needed is scattered across three systems! 
  • I hear [competitor business name] can run and close out payroll in just 2 hours – why does it take us 2 days? 

If you’re sick of limping on with your legacy payroll system but are struggling to get those that hold the purse strings to invest in a better solution, we’re here to help! 

Watch our on-demand recording of our 'How to build the business case for a new payroll & HR system', where we discussed: 

  • Why you need a business case 
  • The 5 key ingredients of a compelling business case 
  • How to present challenges and the benefits of changing 
  • How to pull it all into a ‘pay attention to this' presentation 
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