Making process improvements and productivity gains with RFgen.

Sanofi making process improvements and productivity gains with RFgen

Sanofi, a global and diversified healthcare leader, discovers, develops and distributes therapeutic solutions focused on patients’ needs. The Australian Consumer Healthcare business, including manufacturing, is based in Brisbane, Queensland with sites in the suburbs of Virginia and Banyo.

Sanofi Consumer Healthcare implemented RFgen as a limited rollout restricted to inventory movement transactions in their Virginia manufacturing warehouse. 

A progressive company which is always on the lookout for process improvements and productivity gains, Sanofi Consumer Healthcare already used RFgen in its Banyo based distribution warehouse and had decided on RFgen as the solution of choice for their manufacturing site warehouse.  The project followed a tight timeline with the implementation and rollout of RFgen within budget and scope.

The rollout of RFgen enabled Sanofi Consumer Healthcare to implement and enforce strict product handling guidelines, designed to protect the high quality of its products. Productivity of warehouse staff was also improved as stock accuracy increased and as entire locations of stock could be transferred in a bulk manner, rather than individually transferring items from one location to another. The warehouse’s ability to efficiently use space was improved by the ability to scan a stock label and immediately see where stock of that item / lot was located, enabling easy consolidation of stock into existing locations.


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