Strong systems, on a budget

SYC saw the long term benefits of having strong HR systems integrated with Payroll to manage the various parts of the operation. However, being a Not-for-Profit organisation required a robust system to fit within a specific budget.

In addition to the cost-saving benefits of an outsourced system and the inbuilt processes that EmpowerHR offered, Fusion5’s EmpowerHR software ticked the boxes in providing capacity for growth and an all-in-one Payroll/HR system. 

To ensure cost containment for future requirements, Fusion5 recognised the importance of SYC in the community and made sure the software was affordable.

The integration payoff

Now a long term user of EmpowerHR, SYC has grown significantly and as such, has expanded the EmpowerHR system to manage the ever increasing needs of the organisation. The long-term benefits of an HR solution integrated with Payroll have paid off.

Managers now have hands-on, real-time access to all their employee details so timely decisions are made without the need to request this information from a third party. EmpowerHR also provided good time savings, removed bulk printing and distribution of payslips.

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