Legacy database system

RACP’s STP team used a legacy database to track and manage the progress of trainees at the various specialist training sites.

The team manually entered information from each training site into the database, which came via emailed reports twice a year. The double data entry process was costly, laborious and contained opportunities for error. Then the Department of Health introduced new reporting requirements which demanded functionality not available in the legacy database system.

Penny Petinos, Manager of RACP’s STP says, “I was looking for a system to automate a lot of our processes. And, more importantly, a platform where the training sites could access the system and enter the information themselves, so we didn’t have to manually perform data entry.”

STP payments to training sites was a complex back-and-forth procedure, so streamlining the payment system was also high on the wish list.

Case Study - Specialist360 - RACP Case Study - Specialist360 - RACP

“We now have a fully automated system with no manual processes.”

Penny Petinos, STP Manager, RACP
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Great outcomes start with great conversations

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