PF Olsen's existing HR and Payroll solution was leaving them in the dark on a range of fronts, all of which was creating a level of risk the business could no longer accept. From concerns regarding the time taken to process payroll, and the accuracy of the calculations, through to having easy to access, meaningful reporting of core HR data to assist with planning of their people as well as managing performance and learning for health and safety, PF Olsen needed to make a change.

In addition to needing all the standard functionality of a leading HR and Payroll solution, they needed their employees to be up and running almost immediately with any new system. Transitioning from the legacy system was going to be disruptive and would require careful management to ensure adoption and usage of a new system would be enthusiastic and instant. Finally, PF Olsen had a number of disconnected systems that needed to be integrated into a new system to ensure all relevant data was captured accurately, without the need for duplication of work and manual data manipulation.

They were initially interested in Jemini based on its unique user interface which is highly intuitive and user-friendly to encourage fast and effective adoption and usage. After undertaking a Jemini Discovery and Advisory session, they were impressed to see how cleanly Jemini filled the gaps left by their legacy system. They also felt confident the Jemini Team's approach to implementation and change management would keep disruption to a minimum, and have the PF Olsen HR and Payroll team operating at full speed right away!

Jemini reporting for both HR and Payroll has reduced the time taken, and number of errors made, in their fortnightly Payroll across Australia and New Zealand.  

To date PF Olsen has invested in Jemini Payroll, Performance, Learning, Aspirations, and CORE HR, and look forward to continuing the streamline their HR and Payroll solutions into a single strategic platform that supports their business growth and goals.

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Great outcomes start with great conversations

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