NZ Post was running the payroll and HR system at the time Kiwibank went to market for a new HRIS. The NZ Post system was inflexible and it was time Kiwibank had its own HRIS as it had grown significantly. The team were dealing with multiple spread sheets, manual processes and a lengthy remuneration review process that took up to eight weeks or longer to complete. It was manually intensive, with only basic reporting available from NZ Post on the payroll and HR environment - the transactional time taken to manage the employee base was huge.

Time for their own systems

Kiwibank needed a system that could provide recruitment, learning management, core HR, payroll, performance management and general HR capability. Following a robust RFP process a clear solution stood out; Jade Star. Jade Star has very good NZ support, credibility, a good client base range and can provide a complex market offering.

Catherine Taylor, Group Manager, People and Business Services and Phillippa Wightman, HRIS Manager, Kiwibank, share their experiences “Every payroll we did under NZ Post was a nightmare. Our phones would run hot with many queries and errors. In 2009 we implemented Jade Star. When we went live on Jade Star the experience was extremely positive. We had ourselves ready for the influx of phone calls… but they never came!  We had to check to see if we had actually paid our people. It was almost as though someone had turned the tap off. Now we could really manage our HR requirements and move on from error fixing and manual adjustments and processes.

Self Service a breeze

“Our HR Hub (Self Service) is loved by our people. We greatly appreciate that we are paid accurately and on time every time. The Jade Star system links into other areas of the bank and provides a true HRIS, not only payroll, and it links seamlessly to other areas of our IT infrastructure and systems.

“Jade Star also gives us the ability to customise the solution to meet Kiwibank’s processes. Not all HR systems are capable of doing that easily. There were some unique and site specific developments too.”

Great ongoing support

“The Jade Star team had and still have today, solid skills and can contribute in so many ways; they are always happy to listen to our ideas and the people-fit with Kiwibank is great. One of the fantastic pieces of the relationship is the willingness of Fusion5’s Jade Star team to work with our other HR solution developers. It means that we as a business don’t need to get involved from a tech speak perspective and Fusion5 will talk to third-party developers on our behalf to assist with linking our environments.” We are an advocate of Fusion5’s Jade Star; it is reliable and does exactly what we want it to do.”

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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