Let’s start with the (newish) extended support model – Premier Support

If you are on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2, Oracle Premier Support for Software provides you with global, enterprise-class support, and continuous access to Oracle innovation and updates/patches across any and all of your Oracle software products. Right out to 2031. That’s right as of March 2020 Premier Support for 9.2 has now been extended out to 2031!

This is a pretty strong indicator that Oracle is planning to continue releasing updates/fixes and more for decades to come. And unlike Extended Support, which added 30% to your annual maintenance, Premier Support is more cost effective.

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Updates are rolling from Oracle for JD Edwards every year with the latest Release 9.2 Applications & Tools Update contains all 9.2 application patches, enhancements, legislative and regulatory updates from the inception of Release 9.2 in November 2015 through the application enhancements announced in November 2019.

These are through updates 9.2.4 for both Tools and Applications

These updates provide an easy way for customers migrating or upgrading to Apps 9.2 to take a current version of the product as well as existing 9.2 customers to stay current on applications and tools.

Head to learnjde.com for full details on both of the Tools and Application releases.

And then, there’s Continuous Delivery

In the old days, Oracle used to make a new release every three years, as well as an annual update.

However, that was then. And this is now.

Since 2019 Oracle is delivering all of their new functionality to the EnterpriseOne 9.2 release using a continuous delivery model as updates.

So, the big question is, why the change? And what’s in it for you?

Oracle’s aim is to reduce the cost, time and risk to your business. So, updates will be produced in shorter cycles and deployed on a set cadence. This will give you more time to focus on your business, especially as the changes will only be applied to the functions you use.

What do you have to do to make the most of this change?

As best practice, we recommend that you maintain your environment and stay current on the 9.2 code line by taking regular enhancement releases.

This methodology will make your software updates routine and predictable. You can also take control over the frequency and timing of updates with your business needs and cycles. For example, making sure the updates align with your need to support a new line-of-business enhancement, or a technology uplift like a new browser or database version.

The Continuous Delivery model will require a shift in how you maintain your JD Edwards environments. But you’ll be pleased to know that we have a variety of purpose-fit tools that allow you to evaluate and adopt these enhancement releases via a frequency that fits your business.

Part of this model includes how you access new UDOs from Applications Unlimited without upgrades.

Oracle Applications Unlimited

The release of UXOne with 9.2, has seen the creation of just under 1700 UDO by Applications Unlimited, including 54 out-of-the box UXOne landing pages. All full listing of these pages can be found here.

If you’re not familiar with the term, an UDO (User Defined Object) is a personalised web-based object that can be created by your users (or partners like us) to improve your JDE experience and reduce the requirement for developer involvement. UXOne leverages UDOs, not design tools — so you can personalise and configure instead of customising your platform.

In recognition that Applications Unlimited products are central to your strategy and long-term roadmap, and you’ve likely integrated these applications into your business model, Oracle is committed to help you maximise your investment.

The current Continuous Innovation release for the Applications Unlimited products gives you the latest features and functionality without upgrades, saving you time and money. In short:

  • New functionality delivered as updates to the existing Continuous Innovation release
  • Access new features without upgrades
  • Fixes and updates are cumulative and available in most current releases

Alive and well

Contrary to competitor rumours that JD Edwards is in its sunset years, it is in fact alive, kicking and ringing in continuous and innovative changes!

Andrew Bloxsom, Senior ERP Executive

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